The Aztecs believed chocolate was a gift from the gods and would brew it to benefit from its supposed aphrodisiac powers. Today, chocolate is still very much associated with love and romance, and it continues to be a top selling Valentine’s Day gift.  

This year, romance your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day with chocolate… and fruit! This classic combination will be a surefire hit for anyone with a sweet tooth.  

Here are some recipes to make your special day a total success: 

Pear recipes

Chocolate pear Valentine’s hearts 

Say it with chocolate and pears! As beautiful as they are delicious, these picture perfect tarts will make a wonderful treat for your special someone. 

Source: Chelan Fresh 

Poires Belle Hélène 

In this classic French recipe, pears are poached before being smothered in chocolate sauce. The ultimate romantic dinner dessert. 

Source: Delia Online 

Chocolate pear cake 

Seduce your partner with this chocolate almond cake baked around moist slices of pear. Turn up the heat by adding a chocolate sauce. 

Source: River Cottage 

Pear and chocolate brownies 

Whip up a batch of these devilish brownies, pack a picnic and surprise your honey at work with a special lunch. 

Source: Ren Behan

Apple recipes

Apple Fondue 

Apple white chocolate fondue 

World’s cutest fondue! Fresh apple is dipped in pink melted white chocolate before being jazzed up with sprinkles.  

Source: Chelan Fresh

Chocolate granola apple wedges 

Raw apple wedges are dipped in chocolate and finished with granola for added crunch. Slip these in your kids’ lunchboxes for a surprise treat. 

Source: My Recipes 

Apple and dark chocolate pound cake 

Slice this dense apple pound cake to reveal the gooey dark chocolate ganache within.  Simply beautiful and decadent. 

Source: Ricardo Cuisine 

Chocolate mousse with caramelized apples 

Planning an elegant Valentine’s Day meal? This delicate chocolate mousse topped with caramelized apple will make a wonderful dessert. 

Source: My Parisian Kitchen

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