World’s first miniature apple

A convenient, natural, healthy snack food.

With a tempting red blush color, Rockit® apples are sweet, crunchy and grown to be naturally small. Grown in the fertile valleys of Central Washington where gentle mountain slopes and clean rivers combine with warm days and cool, crisp nights to make ideal growing conditions for the Rockit® apple. These amazing small apples are produced by farmers who are 4th and 5th generation farmers that are proud of their family heritage and committed to producing the best tasting fruit.

Rockits® are the perfect snack size when fully mature making them ideal for the small hands of children whose parents are looking to provide a healthy alternative to sugary or salty snack items. Rockits® are also for adults looking to find a healthy size snack that is full of flavor and only 60 calories.

  • Crunchy, sweet, and delicious taste
  • Grown to be the perfect snack size
  • Innovative and convenient packaging and brand design
  • Longer shelf life – remains fresh longer
  • Presents an opportunity to move produce to the convenience aisle
  • 3lb Shuttle Pack is a healthy version of the “Millenial Moms Cookie Jar”
  • POS available

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