Summer meals are about farm fresh produce and grilling outside. And surprisingly, adding a serving of healthy fresh fruit to your barbecue is easier than you think. Let’s start with the barbecue sauce. Many versions of barbecue sauce are fruit-based to add a sweet complexity to a savory sauce. We came up with two versions of barbecue sauce featuring sweet cherries and another with our SugarBee® Apple Cider to give your grilled chicken the sticky finger treatment.

Apple Cider BBQ Sauce (photo above)

Cherry BBQ Sauce

Cherry Barbecue Sauce

But the grilling fun doesn’t stop there; we also came up with a great selection of fruit-based side dishes to complement your sweet and savory barbecue fare.

Summer Corn and Cherry Salad

Cherries and corn go amazingly well together; this will be your new favorite salad come cherry season. It’s so versatile you can make it all summer and never have the same salad twice.

Grilled Halloumi and Stone Fruit Salad

Another summer favorite that pairs sweet stone fruit such as nectarines and cherries with salty grilled cheese, this recipe can be made as a side salad or on skewers for an appetizer.

Pear Gazpacho

Pear and Cucumber Gazpacho

Pears add a new twist to an old classic gazpacho recipe. This chilled soup is refreshing and complex while not being too sweet. It makes a great lunch or pre-barbecue starter.

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