Perfectly sweet, crisp and juicy!

This perfect premium apple is the new buzz!

This Fall’s crop of SugarBee® apples are currently soaking up the sun and basking in the gorgeous Washington state weather. They are growing a little more each day and will be ready to harvest by mid-October. In the meantime, SugarBee® Apple Cider is landing on shelves now! This premium cider goes through a rigorous process which starts by selecting only the best apples for blending. A tasting panel confirms it meets the high flavor standards of SugarBee® apples – flavor notes of honey, caramel and molasses. It will leave you saying “Oh Honey, that’s Good!”. The cider is ultra-pasteurized so it can be stored unrefrigerated until you are ready to enjoy it.

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  • Nice snap in every bite
  • Flesh is creamy white
  • Skin is red blush, bi-colored, ranging from 30%-100% red
  • Honeycrisp parentage creates assumed familiarity with the consumer
  • Premium grade
  • Commercial volumes available Fall of 2020

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We are excited to announce our second season of Organic SugarBee® apples. Our 4th and 5th generation Organic growers have been hard at work cultivating the trees to produce Organic SugarBee® apples.  Look for this special organic packaging in stores by October 25th at New Seasons Markets, Metropolitan Markets, Whole Foods and other regional Organic specialty markets.

Our incredible SugarBee® apples will be available at numerous locations across the United States in late-October. Use our store locator to find a retailer near you!

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