Escape Ordinary®!

KORU® apple is a gift from nature.

From a discarded apple in a rose garden, grew a seedling, which grew into an extraordinary new apple variety.

 KORU® apples are sweet, juicy, taste of vanilla and spice and pack a big crunch! The KORU® apple is slow to brown, making it the perfect apple for snacking, baking, or cooked in your favorite recipes. EscapeOrdinary! and try a KORU® apple.

KORU® apple is multi-picked at peak perfection following specific grade standards for unique orange tinge and consistent perfect quality.

Due to KORU® apple’s soaring popularity, orchards expanded from New Zealand to the Northern Hemisphere, to supply fresh fruit to you all year round.

Our incredible KORU® apples are available at numerous locations across the United States. Use our store locator to find a retailer near you!

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KORU® Apple Videos

KORU® Apple – Vanilla, Honey and Spice!

KORU® Apple – Spicy but Sweet!

KORU® Apple – The Apple that Happened by Chance!

KORU® Apple – Picking to Packing!

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