There is a new apple on the market and it’s a stunner! Introducing the Lucy™ Glo and Lucy™ Rose apples: These apples have a very distinct flavor that is both tart and sweet with a crisp texture. But it’s their gorgeous pink interior that makes these apples standouts. Sure, they are delicious raw, but why not use them to dish up a show stopper? Here are a few of our ideas on how to incorporate them into your baking and cooking to wow your family and guests.

Because of their lovely color, both the Lucy™ Glo and Lucy™ Rose make a smashing presentation for the holidays. Our Eggnog French Toast Casserole makes a festive and easy dish for a holiday brunch or Christmas morning breakfast.

Our Lucy™ Apple Galette is a simple dessert that showcases both the Lucy™ Glo and Lucy™ Rose apples for a rustic yet elegant dessert.

Lucy™ Apples Multigrain Porridge

For a warm breakfast on a cold morning you can’t beat our Multigrain Porridge with Sautéed Apples. The sautéed Lucy™ Glo apples create the perfect balance of sweet and tart and add a lovely pink hue when serving over the warm porridge.

However you decide to eat a Lucy™ apple, they will undoubtedly add a pop of flavor and color to your day.

All of these original recipes were created by Meg Raines.

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