The weather forecast for PMA Fresh Summit in NOLA is sunny, warm and a bit humid! No hurricanes or big thunderstorms are in the forecast. Pack the short sleeve shirts and swim trunks.

Wednesday – 78 and sunny
Thursday – 81 and sunny
Friday – 82 Partly sunny and very humid
Saturday – 85 Partly sunny and humid 

Find Chelan Fresh at Booth #2261 and look for SugarBee® buzzing around. Take a photo with our SugarBee® Apple mascot and tag #FreshSummit , #WhereIsSugarBee, #ChelanFreshSummit for a chance to win our Chelan Fresh prize pack!


What does Better Together Mean? Booth #2261

Visit us at our booth and ask us what Better Together means to you as our customer.

  • Cascade Crest Organics® – Increased organic production
  • SugarBee® Apple – Find out what all the Buzz is about around this new apple variety.
  • Rockit® Apple – The perfect Grab n’ Go apple with new packaging options.
  • KORU® Apple – This sweet tasting NZ apple has us excited about our domestic production that will allow for 9 month programs at retail.
  • Cup o’ Cherry™ – So easy and so good. The perfect way to eat a cherry.
  • Orondo Ruby® – Find out about our very own sweet tasting, beautiful cherry.
  • Honeycrisp – We have over 20% of the Washington State Honeycrisp crop just for our customers.

What to say in NOLA – Who dat?

The people of NOLA have spent generations coining their own special phrases.  Here are a few you should understand and weave into your vocabulary before you hit the ground in the Big Easy.

Where y’at?  When someone asks you this, they don’t want to know where you are, this phrase really means “How are you?”
F’sho or F’true  Really means that you agree.
How ya mom’n’em  If someone asks you this they want to know “How is your immediate family is doing?”.
Fais Do Do – If you are invited a Fais Do Do you should go! This is a Cajun dance party.
Who Dat? – Started by vaudeville acts and early jazz & big band performers. This signature line has become the the cheer for the hometown Saints.
Pinch the Tail and Suck the Head  This refers to the proper way to eat a crawfish.
Beignet – Pronounced “ben YAY”. The classic NOLA pastry. Warning: don’t eat these if you are wearing black pants.
Lagniappe – Lan-yap is a noun that means a little extra. Extra fries, extra sauce.

For more tips on surviving in the the Big Easy check out

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