Creating New Momentum

A Sweet

The star-quality flavor – and the back story – of Chelan Fresh’s new SugarBee® apple is winning
over hearts and tastebuds everywhere. This relatively new entry into the apple market inherited
it’s crispy juiciness from its famous mom, Honeycrisp. But it’s SugarBee’s taste that will have you
exclaiming, “Oh honey, that’s good!™”

SugarBee’s flavor favors the sweet side of the apple spectrum, yet there’s more to it. A bite of
a SugarBee® will have you thinking of honey, caramel, even molasses and almond. A touch of
acidity adds a complexity that will make you crave your next bite. Once you’ve had a SugarBee®,
you will be buzzing about them too!

SugarBee® owes its origin story to one very special honeybee. On a particularly sunny day several
years back, that honeybee carried pollen from a Honeycrisp tree to another apple tree whose
variety remains a mystery even today. Mother Nature did the rest, creating a delicious new apple
that caught the attention of apple growers at Chelan Fresh.

SugarBee® apples are only available from the growers of Chelan Fresh. Our family orchards are
scattered across the high elevations of central Washington state, the U.S. apple capital. We grow
SugarBee® to exacting standards; only the best fruit gets to wear the SugarBee® honeycomb sticker.

Oh Honey
That’s Good!™

Creamy Butternut Squash & Apple Soup
With Pumpkin Seed Croutons

SugarBee® Celebration Nachos

A buzzing

Consumers love munching on this natural treat and it shows! SugarBees®
continue to grow in popularity across the country.

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Creating New Momentum