Creating New Momentum


On a sunny day, one industrious bee collected pollen from an unknown apple tree blossom
and landed on a Honeycrisp tree. Mother Nature did her part and the SugarBee® apple was
born! The SugarBee® apple is perfectly crisp, sweet and juicy…so juicy that we knew
immediately we had to make a SugarBee® cider for everyone to enjoy.


SugarBee® Apple Cider tastes like a liquid SugarBee® apple should: First you taste
sweet apples, with a touch of vanilla and maple. Then you get the snap of natural fruit acid that
brings balance and complexity to the sweetness. Because we don’t filter our cider, you get
more SugarBee® apple flavor. It will leave you saying “Oh Honey, THAT’S good!”

Simple Ingredients

Our cider is made from America’s favorite new SugarBee®apple variety. SugarBee Apple Cider
is 100 percent juice pressed from apples grown in Washington state, with nothing – nothing! –
else added. No water, no flavors or other additives, no preservatives. Only natural fruit sugars,
no added sweeteners.


SugarBee® apples lovers are in for a treat when they try SugarBee® Apple Cider. We used the naturally
sweetened cider for our hot spiced cider recipe, which is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Find this
recipe and more at


SugarBee® Apple Cider is available in 64 ounce and one gallon containers for your shopping convenience.
It has none of the things you don’t want – no fat, no cholesterol, no additives or preservatives and is
pasteurized for safety and longer shelf life. the best part is it’s 100% fruit juice, with nothing added.

Creating New Momentum