Creating New Momentum

Small Size.
Big Opportunity.

Rockit™ Apples from Chelan Fresh are not typical apples. And we don’t consider them to be.
Rather, they’re the first deliciously sweet apple that’s naturally grown to be pocket-sized! They’re
the perfect apple for trending interest in full-flavor healthy snacking, exactly the size for kids and
the kid in everyone. They’re great for on-the-go. They’re perfectly fun to nibble away, right down
to the core! All things considered, they are everything an amazing apple is, but they have their
own distinct set of benefits others just don’t!

Rockit™ Apples are passionately grown in the fertile valleys of Central Washington by 4th and
5th generation farmers who are driven by family heritage to produce the best tasting fruit available.

Think Small.
Eat Well.

& Impactful.

Our Rockit™ packaging is distinctive at the shelf and convenient for consumers. And our apples
stay fresher longer with enhanced shelf life packaging. To create additional impact we offer POS
merchandisers and POP-Up Euro merchandisers that can hold 12/2# pouch bags or 6/3# shuttle
packs. We’re also ramping up organic production and will offer limited availability for fall 2020.

Rockit™ shuttle volume filled: 3lbs net minimum weight Standard euro footprint box configuration:
55 cartons per pallet, 6 units per case Package weight: 19.5lbs gross weight, pallet tie/hi 11×5 Approx.
fruit size: 150ct-175ct. Approx. count: 14-19 apples Shuttle dimensions: Height = 6.5” tall, Top = 7”
wide, Bottom = 5.75” wide UPC 888289403510

Rockit™ pouch volume filled: 2lbs net minimum weight Standard euro footprint box configuration: 60
cases per pallet, 12 pouches per case Package weight: 26lbs gross weight, pallet tie/hi 5×12
Approx. fruit size: 125ct-138ct. Approx. count: 10-12 apples UPC 888289403503

High Graphic Euro Footprint DRC | Double Sided POS 11”x17” or 11”x14”

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Creating New Momentum