Creating New Momentum


Washington Cherries have been the iconic symbol of summer bbq’s, picnics, camping, and family
gatherings for generations. From cherry pit spitting contests, all the way to everyday snacking
and baking, cherries are a mainstay of summer’s memory making moments.

Our Chelan Fresh cherries are grown in Central Washington where clean rivers, gentle mountain
slopes, warm summer days and cooler nights make for perfect conditions to create the sweet
flavor of this summer favorite fruit. Our cherries are grown by 3rd and 4th generation family
farmers who are passionate about the fruit, the land and the legacy they leave behind.


We are excited to have you share your favorite ideas for enjoying our Chelan Fresh
cherries and provide inspiration to consumers for summers to come.

Banana bread conjures up images of a cozy kitchen and time spent with family. Since cherry season is upon us, we came up with our own version of banana bread that is bursting with fresh cherries and dark chocolate to help satisfy those sweet cravings.

Slumps are particularly fun to make since they require few ingredients and are cooked right on the stove-top. This vintage dessert gets its name from the batter dumplings that “slump” into a layer of simmering fruit. Our pear and cherry slump combines the contrastingflavors of these two crowd-pleasing fruits.

Of Trust

Our Tradition of Trust starts with diversity in growing regions, unique varieties, and thoughtful
investment in technology to ensure that we deliver on what we promise — every time.

Perfect Cherry

The Orondo Ruby® is a new cherry variety that’s making fans across the country. Cherry lovers go
wild for the crisp skin, super-sweet goldenfresh and juicy cherry perfection.

The Orondo Ruby® is grown exclusively on the Griggs family orchards in eastern Washington,
lovingly cultivated and handpicked at the peak of sweetness. Ruby fans already know, there is a
limited supply each summer, of the super sweet cherry. You can typically find the Orondo Ruby®
in stores for just 2-3 short weeks starting around the beginning of July.

Creating New Momentum