Creating New Momentum

A healthier
World Together

Cascade Crest® Organics from Chelan Fresh is growing to meet the increasing consumer demand
of organic apples, cherries and pears. Our extensive offerings are grown by experienced farmers
in the fertile soil of Washington State. We are committed to providing the best for your health
conscious customers. Healthy choices start with us. Growing a healthier world together.

Our cutting-edge organic growing practices; safe, sustainable farming operations; and
state-of-the-art packaging technology is engineered to ensure quality and consistency. Cascade
Crest Organics’ innovative farming and harvesting processes are primed to give customers the
freshest organic cherries, plums, pluots, apples, and pears.

Warm days and cool nights make the best growing region in the world,
that’s what flavor is all about.


Our 2lb high graphic pouch bags offer consumers easy distinction of the variety, the purchase
weight and good visibility of the fruit in a clear pouch.

Pop-up Euro Euro Merchandiser: Footprint-24”x16”x31”, 40 units per pallet, Unit holds
12/2# or 8/3# pouch bags

Double sided 11”x7” POS

Creating New Momentum