Chelan Fresh Videos

At Chelan Fresh, our aim is to deliver the best of the best.

Use these videos to help do the same for you and your family. Learn new recipes for every season and deliver delicious meals to your table. Get an inside look into what we do, where we come from, and what we’re all about.

Cherry Season Videos

Spring in the Cherry Orchards

Fresh, Ripe Cherries

Heroes of the Cherry Orchards

Cherries, The Untold Story

Sweet Cherry Harvest – WA State

Rockit™ Apple Videos

Eating Healthy with Rockit™

Rockit™ is Everything

Rockit™ Apples | The Perfect Snacking Apple!

Shuttle Pack | The Perfect Snacking Apple!

Rockit™ Apple Film

Rockit™ Apple

Rockit™ Apple Grower Interview

The American Dream

The American Dream | Jamaican

The American Dream | Natividad Rubios

Cascade Crest Organics®

Cascade Crest Organics

Organic Grower, Orlin Knutson

Organic Sales Manager, Kevin Stennes

Farm Films

Chelan Fresh Film

Gebbers Farms Film

Chelan Fruit Film

SugarBee® Apple Videos

SugarBee® Apple

Springtime with SugarBee® Apple

Summertime with SugarBee®

Fall with SugarBee® Apple

Healthy You In One Minute Videos

Pack a lunch with a Punch

Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Healthy Holiday Giving

Healthy Refrigerator

Produce Mom Does Easy Breakfast

Healthy Easter Fun