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An Apple a Day for Health

There’s a reason the old adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” continues to be relevant. There are so many health benefits to eating fruit, and apples are no exception. Apples contain loads of vitamin C, K, potassium and a handful of other minerals, as well as low natural sugars. In addition, snacking on an apple helps us stave off unhealthy cravings, thanks to their high water and [...]

How to Re-purpose a Food Container as a Mini Greenhouse

Sponsored content from Holly Homer from the Kids Activities Blog While we are all still trying to avoid leaving the house as much as possible, I am still having to buy groceries. During my last grocery run I picked up Rockit apples for the kids to enjoy as snacks between meals. I don’t know about you, but having the kids home all day every day means they are eating everything [...]

How to Upcycle Your Rockit™ Shuttle

Once you have reached the bottom of your Rockit™ Shuttle, don’t toss it into the recycle bin just yet. We have some ideas on how to keep your home organized using our Rockit™ Apple Shuttle. Call it spring cleaning, tidying up, or decluttering; everybody could benefit from a little time spent getting life in order. Kitchen The kitchen is full of loose odds and ends that take up valuable space [...]

Kitchen Hack: DIY Produce Wash

Having lots of fresh fruits and vegetables on hand is critical during this time when health is of the utmost importance. And, as many of us are trying to adjust to the “new normal” we are no doubt making efforts to reduce our trips to the grocery store so buying in bulk has become the trend. Luckily apples are the perfect fruit for buying in bulk because they can last [...]

Kitchen Skills: 4 Ways to Cut Apples

Learn how to cut apples like a pro! Mastering the basic knife cuts such as large dice, small dice, julienne, etc. is not just a lesson for professional chefs.  Knife skills when learning how to cut apples are handy to have for home cooks as well. Sure, it makes your dish look extra special, but there is a method to the madness. Each cut has its own function when it [...]

What’s in Your Fruit Bowl?

Photo credit: USA Pears March is National Nutrition Month and we are celebrating here at Chelan Fresh because there is nothing healthier than a few servings of fresh fruit a day! If you want to join the fun and celebrate good nutrition this month with your family and friends, check out a few of these ideas for getting involved: Be in the Know Knowledge is power! Spend a little time [...]

5 alternative treats for Valentine’s Day to convey the perfect message

Valentine's Day is a special time to celebrate love of all different kinds. Whether it's to celebrate romantic love, adoration of family members, appreciation for neighbors or the bond between best friends, Valentine's Day is perfect for gifting a sweet treat that shows you care. Fortunately, you don't have to default to processed sugar overload to give something delicious for that special someone. Here are five awesome ideas for alternative [...]

An Apple A Day to Ace your Resolutions

It’s a new year, a new decade even, and no doubt you have made some health-related resolutions. As the old saying goes, “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away,” and it turns out an apple a day can also help us make good on our resolutions. Apples are packed with nutrition; a medium apple has 17% Daily Value (DV) of fiber, 14% DV of vitamin C, and 6% DV [...]

Make This Year a ROCKIT™ Year

The new Rockit™ apple is known as the world’s first miniature apple. Although they are small, they deliver big on flavor and nutrition. Here is why you will want to keep a bucket of these little gems on hand all year round: They are convenient to take along. These little sweet treats come in handy tubes or buckets so they are easy to tuck into your gym bag, work tote, [...]

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