This year the kids may not be able to do their usual trick-or-treating rounds in the neighborhood, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a scary good time at home! Take advantage of your time together to create a fun and healthy Halloween party that will delight and engage the whole family. We put together some tips on what to make and how to add some spooky fun to the party without breaking the bank. Happy Halloween!

Healthy Snacking

Rockit™ Apples are the best choice for little hands and they also are the perfect shape for making creative treats. Not only are these darling chocolate Rockit™ spiders and Halloween monsters a healthier choice but they will be loads of fun for the kids to make! So, grab a large shuttle of Rockit™ apples and get busy dipping:

Rockit™ Halloween Monster Apples (photo above)

Rockit Apple Spiders

Chocolate Rockit™ Apple Spiders

While the kids are busy dipping apples, here are a few extra snacking recipes you can put together in short order:

Rockit™ Apple Nachos 3 Ways

Baked Rockit™ Apple Chips

Fun Party Ideas

Bobbing for Rockit® Apples
Dump a shuttle of tiny Rockit® apples in a bucket full of water and watch the kids dive in!

Make a Haunted Fort
Every kid has made their own fort with the couch cushions on a rainy afternoon, so set them to work on putting a haunted fort together with props you can find in your home. Use a few sheets to make it ghostly, some flashlights for wacky shadows and mood lighting, and a little scary music to set the Halloween scene. 

Host a Graveyard Puppet Show
Cut construction paper into scary shapes, turn off the lights, put the shapes up in front of a flashlight pointed at the wall and watch the terror unfold. Don’t forget to turn on the spooky sounds!

Carve up some fun
Let’s not forget everyone’s Halloween favorite, pumpkin carving! Have little ones? No problem a mini pie pumpkin and some markers make a perfect little canvas for tiny hands.

Happy Halloween!

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