Pears are wonderful in the summer! Their refreshing juiciness and crisp texture make them an ideal snack on a hot day. Pears can also be used in a variety of recipes that are perfect for the warmer months as well as backyard barbecues and family gatherings. 

Here are our favorite pear recipes for summer: 

Pear cucumber gazpacho

Pear Gazpacho

Chilled and refreshing, this savory cold pear and cucumber soup is just the ticket. Make a big batch and impress the crowd at your next barbecue! 


Frozen pear Bellini

Delicious and icy cold, you’ll want more than one of these gorgeous frozen pear Bellinis. Here’s a little secret… they’re easy to make! 


Pear and ricotta sheet tart

This beautiful ricotta and pear sheet tart is perfect for a family gathering or a pot luck. It’s served room temperature and can be made ahead of time.


Asian-inspired pear salad

Enjoy this crisp and refreshing raw salad that marries the sweetness of pears with delectable Asian flavors. Using a spiralizer makes this recipe fun for kids. 


Poached iced tea pears

Iced Tea Pears

Poaching pears in tea + refrigerating them = glorious chilled iced tea pears! This delicate dessert is elegant and healthy as well.


Apple pear fennel salad

Apple Pear Fennel Salad

Nothing beats this thirst-quenching raw salad with apples, pears and crunchy fennel.  This salad makes a wonderful starter or side dish.


Pear bread

Pear Date Bread

Pack this easy-to-make pear bread in your next picnic basket. It’s sure to be a hit with the kids and the adults alike.

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