Apple snackers rejoice, there is a new variety hitting the market called SugarBee® and it is a stand out for texture and flavor! 


How did this variety come about? Well, the name says it all. The SugarBee® is a product of “open cross pollination”, meaning a bee decided to get friendly and visit a couple different apple trees. Of course, there is a more technical definition, but you get the idea. Although, half of the originating variety is unknown, we at least know that the other half comes from the Honey Crisp. But it doesn’t matter because Mother Nature knows her stuff. The resulting mashup is a crisp, juicy and outrageously sweet apple.

All About SugarBee® Apples 

The SugarBee® is perfect for snacking because of its crispy firm texture and sweet flavor. But, it also retains its shape when cooked so this variety lends itself to baking and dehydrating as well. When it comes to pies, SugarBees® are an excellent choice for combining with a softer apple, such as Johnagolds, to achieve a perfect balance of texture. As a bonus, the intensely sweet quality makes SugarBees® idea for using in healthier desserts with reduced sugar. 

It might be a little while before our farmers can grow enough SugarBees® to send to our markets. But when you get your hands on some, here are a few recipes to make the most of them: 

Our mini Apple Cranberry Strudels made with SugarBees®are a great place to start. They are low in sugar and easy to make for a family holiday or party. 

Apple Strudel

The SugarBee® would be a perfect choice for this Apple Brie Rollup by the because will stay firm and add a sweet note to the savory cheese and nuts. 

If you are a traditional apple pie fan, mix a few SugarBees® in with your Goldens or Johnagolds for a filling that has a creamy yet firm texture, in this deep dish apple pie recipe from 

Or, simply cut it up slather some peanut butter on it! However you slice it, you will want to make this variety a regular on your grocery list.

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