Spring is finally here! The new season conjures up visions of picnics, barbecues, fresh produce and refreshing food. Salads are perfect for this time of year: they’re healthy, easy to share, and offer endless possibilities. 

Raw pear and apple makes a stunning addition to any salad and can be used in a multitude of ways. Use them to add crunch, acidity, color and a touch of sweet to your springtime salad.

For inspiration, look at our collection of jaw-dropping salad recipes you’re sure to love. 

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Apple pear fennel salad 

Crisp, tart and nutty all at once, this elegant salad will wow your friends as a starter but can also be enjoyed on its own for a light lunch. 

Source: Chelan Fresh 

Grilled chicken Caesar salad with red cabbage and apple 

Anyone still calling salad “rabbit food” hasn’t tried this hearty Caesar recipe. Fresh sliced apples bring some lightness to this creamy crowd-pleaser. 

Source: Foodness Gracious 

Fruit and spinach salad with strawberry vinaigrette 

Proof that you can never have too much fruit in your salad. A bright, delicate and fun salad for spring. 

Source: Natasha’s Kitchen 

Pear Black Rice Salad

Pear ginger black rice salad 

This original Asian-inspired salad is hearty and fresh. The pear delivers the crunch, while the orange turns up the volume. 

Source: Chelan Fresh 

Kale and Asian pear salad 

All aboard the kale train! Test out this recipe featuring lacinato (dino) kale, Asian pears and a honey-mustard dressing. 

Source: A House in the Hills 

Apple walnut quinoa salad 

Superfood quinoa adds protein while apple delivers the crunch. This 6-ingredient recipe is great for family gatherings. 

Source: Family Table Treasures 

Crimson Pear Salad

Crimson pear salad 

This fruity salad packs a punch! The crunchy pear works wonderfully with the walnuts and orange, while the pomegranate adds some pop. 

Source: Chelan Fresh

Spring clean raw beet, carrot and apple salad 

Earthy beetroot pairs with carrots and apples to make a colorful and super-healthy combination. 

Source: Oh She Glows  

Raspberry pear salad with glazed walnuts  

You had me at raspberry. Enjoy the first of the season along with crisp pears, creamy Cambazola cheese and sweet walnuts. 

Source: Taste of Home

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