Rockit™ apples are not only the perfect size for snacking, but they now come packaged in the perfect 3lb RPET recyclable “shuttle or tub”. Julie DeJarnatt, Director of Retail Strategy thought it would be fun for employees to have a competition, “people who love the Rockit™ apple, have shown us all types of fun ways to Upcycle the Rockit™ shuttle to make life easier and more organized.” So, the challenge went out on a Wednesday to all Chelan Fresh employees. “Use an empty Rockit™ shuttle and “Upcycle” your idea into something usable. As the creations poured in over the weekend, it became apparent that Chelan Fresh employees are not only insanely creative, extremely competitive, and even have a slight twinge of inventor in them! From on the farm chick houses, to baby swings, plastic bag dispensers, cold beverage chillers, bird houses, a yellow jacket trap, and even a fish tank were just a few of the ideas employees found to Upcycle their Rockit™ Shuttle.

On the following Tuesday morning the judging team took over to choose their favorites in the  following categories Most Up-standing- best overall, Rise Up- most creative, Held Up- most functional, Spiffed Up-fanciest design, Jacked Up- biggest piece of junk and People’s Choice award. To see all the winners in each category,  A big Thank you to all the Chelan Fresh employees for their submissions and the judging team for their efforts in choosing the winners in each category.  Follow @RockitAppleUSA on FB, Instagram and Twitter for our “Upcycle Friday” post as we feature a different entry each week.