Rockit® apples are only available for 2-3 more weeks at Walmart stores across the country and then they will be gone until October of 2019. The family favorite has landed for the final showcase of the season in all Walmart stores across the country.  And it is sporting a new planetary look!  Fun little stickers have been added to the Rockit® giving kids the opportunity to collect all 9 stickers that represent the planets of the galaxy. Julie DeJarnatt of Chelan Fresh was behind the sticker idea and shares these thoughts:

“The collectable Rockit® stickers are another option for kids and parents to embrace healthy eating opportunities for their family and also encourage more awareness about our Planetary system”.

The stickers can be applied to a downloadable .pdf so that kids can remove and collect the stickers before they eat a healthy Rockit® and add directly to their own galaxy. Download here!

Rockit® continues to be the perfect Small Apple with Big Flavor that makes snacking healthy again and now allows for an educational opportunity!