And so it begins, the long anticipated start to the 2019 Chelan Fresh cherry season.   

This year the cherry season will begin quickly and continue with strong availability throughout late June into early August. Tim Evans, Sales Director for Chelan Fresh, states, “We are excited about the size and quality of our crop this year. We feel retailers and consumers alike will appreciate the good color, larger size and firm profile of our Chelan Fresh cherries. Red cherries and Rainier cherries will hit peak supply in time for large July 4th retail displays.” Evans also adds “Our projected volume will allow us to keep our customers with very good ad volume until August.”  

In order to maintain that quality, our cherries are picked in the cool early mornings long before the summer heat can get to them. They are quickly transported to hydro cooling stations in the orchard or at nearby warehouse operations. Once in the warehouse, they are then gently placed into a cool water bath and sorted by the most technically advanced systems in the industry. These sorting lines take up to 16 photos of each cherry and sort by size, color, firmness and defects. It is these types of stateofthe art production facilities that allow our cherries to arrive at grocery stores across the country and provide a premium eating experience. Our cherries are held to high standards so they can land in consumer homes for the best summer bbq’s, picnics and summertime eating. Our Chelan Fresh cherry team is ready to take calls for all your cherry needs. 509-682-4252. 

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