How do you get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables?  You take one produce company who is passionate about produce and helping communities, you bring in boxes of produce from local farms, add five creative chefs from the region, throw in a group of 25 kids and then you begin to chop, cook and inspire your way to healthier kids.

Pacific Coast Fruit Company recently put on their first ever Kids in the Kitchen event that set out to do just that – inspire kids to eat more produce and try new things. PacCoast with the help of Chelan Fresh, Ralph’s Greenhouse, Sterino Farms, Imperial Produce, and Gunkel Orchards set up shop for one afternoon at South Puget Sound Boys and Girls Club. They asked regional chefs like Jon Maley, Brittany Erwin, Earl Tutol, Rob Richard and Taani Maama to create quick dishes that kids can try at home using the regional fruits and vegetables donated by the farms. The five chefs put on 20 minute cooking demonstrations to show kids how easy it is to create simple dishes at home. Once the cooking demonstrations were complete, the kids were then led by a chef to create one dessert in 30 minutes that used a selection of all the fruit and vegetables that could be served to judges. The “Top Kid’s Chef” inspired results were creative, delicious and inspiring. After all, when was the last time that you were served a fruit crumble in a hollowed out green pepper with a fresh corn creame fraiche. All of the judges were delighted by the creations from the five teams of kids.

Thank you to Emily Brugato and her family-owned Pacific Coast Fruit Company for organizing a wonderful event. Chelan Fresh applauds your commitment to the communities you serve.

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