Nature’s Perfect Cherry!

A brand new cherry blushing with compliments.

The Orondo Ruby® is a new cherry variety that’s making fans across the country. Cherry lovers go wild for the crisp skin, super-sweet golden flesh and juicy cherry perfection. Lovingly grown on the banks of the Columbia River in eastern Washington—where hot summer days and cool river breezes make for perfect growing conditions—Rubies show gorgeous red-blushed skin, a firm bite and tremendous flavor. The Orondo Ruby® matures earlier in the season than Bings and Rainiers, and grown in small quantities, their window of availability is short. But they store in the fridge like no other cherry. (If you can keep yourself from eating them all.)


Even Cherries Have Patents

In 2008, 4th generation grower Marcus Griggs received a patent for his new cherry variety and decided to cultivate the Orondo Ruby® cherries on his own orchards. Since then, Marcus and his family at G&C Farms have had their sleeves rolled up planting thousands of new trees so they can bring Orondo Ruby® cherries to you every summer!

Orondo Ruby Out-Sweets Rainiers, Out-Lasts Bings*

The higher the acidity and sugars, the bigger the flavor. The Orondo Ruby® has proven to have more sugar and acid than a Rainier cherry.

In a 28-day refrigerated storage test, the Orondo Ruby® bested Bing and Rainier cherries in:

  • Firmer skin
  • Fewer blemishes
  • Less splits and cracks

*Study performed by WSU Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center from 2011-2013

How Long Are Rubies Here?

The Orondo Ruby® is grown exclusively on the Griggs family orchards in eastern Washington, lovingly cultivated and handpicked at the peak of sweetness. The yield is small compared to other cherries grown across the country, so as our fans already know, there is a limited supply each summer. You can typically find the Orondo Ruby® in stores for a few short weeks starting around the 3rd week of June through the middle of July.

Eat Your Cherry-Loving Heart Out

How do you best enjoy an Orondo Ruby®? Every which way.

  • Pop ’em cold
  • Slice and sprinkle over a summer salad
  • Pit and toss in a smoothie
  • Decorate atop a beautiful rustic tart
  • Infuse your summer sparkling water

For recipes and fresh ideas check out Orondo Ruby®’s News page.

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