Cascade Crest Organics®

Cascade Crest Organics® has always stood for quality in the world of Organic Fruit production. And Chelan Fresh is proud to represent the growers who believe that growing fruit using USDA Organic approved standards is a benefit to both the land and the consumers who enjoy the fruit. Columbia Valley Fruit growers believe the same and chose to join our Cascade Crest Organics® label to bring our 2017 season offering to over 1 million boxes of 12 varieties of apples, 6 varieties of pears and consumer stone fruit favorites such as organic cherries, plums, pluots and nectarines.

By 2018 we will produce over 1.5 million boxes and are poised for substantial growth with plantings of new varieties such as high color Honeycrisp, sport Fuji and Gala offerings. Our 2lb high graphic pouch bags offer consumers easy distinction of the variety, the purchase weight, and good visibility of the fruit in a clear pouch.

We look forward to talking with all of our customers about our Cascade Crest Organics® brand.  Come visit us at PMA Booth #2261 in spicy New Orleans on October 20-21.

Category Opportunities

The 2017 Domestic cherry crop was very different from 2016. We have performance data that can help you plan better for your domestic cherry season year over year. Contact your Chelan Fresh sales representative and they can help you work with our Category Specialists to better manage your apple, pear and cherry performance.

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 PMA Fresh Summit Preview


Christmas comes early in the produce business with the annual Produce Marketing Association convention held each year in October. This year the convention center in New Orleans will be decorated with all the most colorful and exciting new offerings in fresh produce and every produce company across the world including Chelan Fresh is counting down to PMA Fresh Summit 2017. Rockit_Logo

KORU® Apple LogoChelan Fresh staff is busy checking and double checking the lists of fresh fruit, packaging and POS items to showcase. We have exciting opportunities in 2017 to share with our current and potential new customers. Items such as our growing Organic manifest which doubles to 1 million boxes in 2017 and increases again over the next 3 years.

Cascade Crest Organics Logo

Decorate your produce aisle with our on the go Rockit Apple® with new packaging options. The delightful KORU® Apple is now available nearly year round with domestic crops shipping now and NZ crops shipping in April.

SugarBee™ Apple LogoOur proprietary SugarBee™® Apple which continues to delight customers and sell out each year along with our proprietary Orondo Ruby® cherries.

Keep current with consumers and Chelan Fresh’s growing capability to supply highly prized imported varieties such as Pinks, Gala, Fujis and Granny Smith apples to augment the domestic offerings.

Stop by PMA Fresh Summit booth #2261 to say hi and see all that Chelan Fresh has to offer.

Employee Spotlight

Ken Brunner

Name: Ken Brunner

Position: Production Manager

Favorite Apple: Tree-ripened Jonagold

Favorite Cherry: I like most of them but Rainier cherries are my favorite because they have such a sweet flavor.

Favorite part of working at Chelan Fresh: The people that work at Chelan Fresh are great and easy to get along with.

Favorite thing to do outside of work, something that is near and dear to your heart:
I really like going to College Football Games. The atmosphere is electric, the athleticism is amazing, and I love a solid hit. Last year I took my family to the Peach Bowl in Atlanta to see University of Washington vs Alabama. The game didn’t come out the way we wanted but it was a great bucket list experience. The Alabama fans know and love their football… I could relate to them on that level.

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