Meet The SugarBee® Grower Tour

On a cold wintry morning in December, a group of Chelan Fresh staff, Growers and a mascot set out on the inaugural “Meet the SugarBee® Grower” tour of the 2018 season. The idea was not only to promote SugarBee® apples but invite consumers to connect with Growers and learn what it takes to produce this special variety.

We knew our Chelan Fresh staff could chat with anyone about apples, but we had no idea what would happen when you take 4th and 5th generation Growers out on the road to discuss farming. They are a passionate group of people who love to talk about what they do and why they continue to farm year after year. These growers get excited when consumers sample the apples they have grown and tended for the last year and the consumer says “SugarBee® is my new favorite apple, even better than Honeycrisp!”. Some growers take so much pride in their apples, they send 30 lb boxes of SugarBee® as Christmas gifts to friends and relatives.

The SugarBee® mascot made an appearance at most of these events and delighted consumers both young and young at heart. Secret smiles were shared when a mom, dad or grandparent was seen taking a selfie with SugarBee® to show their kids back at home. These groups of SugarBee® road warriors made stops in Southern CA, Northern CA, Portland OR, Seattle WA, Spokane WA, Vancouver WA, Bentonville & Fayetteville AR, Carlisle PA, and Landover MD throughout December, January and February. SugarBee® even had its own float in a parade.

Thank you to all the retailers who participated and consumers who showed our new SugarBee® apple some love. We think it is the best sweet, crisp and juicy apple on the market today. We look forward to the Fall 2019 crop and hope our 2019/20 Meet the SugarBee® Grower tour will land in a store near you.