Every summer Chelan Fresh employs up to 5 interns in our Sales office. Our summer internships help students gain invaluable experience in an office environment while also gaining skills to thrive in the fast-paced sales world. Adam Smith is an intern this summer at Chelan Fresh and we are excited to see all the exciting places he will go in the future.

Chelan Fresh (CF): Where are you from?
Adam Smith (AS): Hamilton, Montana

CF: What school are you attending?
AS: Brigham Young University, Provo

CF: What is your major?
AS: Global Supply Chain and Spanish

CF: What skills do you want to gain from this experience?
I spent time in the fruit industry in Chile and am now enjoying learning more about the industry in Washington. Hopefully in the future I can be of some help in international sales.

CF: What are your goals after graduation?
AS: My goal is to get to work first. I would like to do some work with Chile again. Eventually, after getting some experience for the next few years, I would like to apply to the Wharton or Stanford MBA program. I want to get MY OWN DOG at some point. And a wife too, probably.

CF: What extracurriculars are you involved in and why?
AS: I volunteer regularly for the LDS church and a food bank because I like it. I run a small production company and am in the process of finishing a documentary on the Venezuelan refugee crisis. We took down donated first aid kits and hospital supplies to the border. I play pick up rugby in Provo. I’m part of the BYU service club, Yserve. I got into rock climbing this year, it gives me a huge sense of achievement (even though I’m not that good yet).  I got my private pilots license a few years back, I love it to death, but I’m a poor college kid so I don’t get up as much as I thought.

CF: What are you most passionate about learning — personally or professionally — and why?
AS: I’m most passionate about relationships, communication, and stories. My favorite part about the documentary was finding the right people, figuring out their story, and understanding it well enough to communicate that to others. I loved going down to Chile because it was a matter of building relationships and tearing down barriers. I think healthy buyer-supplier relationships are key to helping people in large quantities and in lasting ways.

CF: Why do you think you might like to live in the community in which our company is located?
AS: Who wouldn’t love this place? The lake is awesome. You’re close to some ski resorts for the winter. The Ruby theater is great. I like to wake up and see orchards all over. The night sky is clear. Mexican food. Most of all, I’ve enjoyed the team here. I care a lot about who I surround myself with, and living here I could do that with good people.

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