Countdown to Cherry Season 2017

Chelan Fresh employees and growers think spring is one of the best seasons of the year. Spring means the start of our Chelan Fresh cherry season is less than 80 days away. And as the days get longer and the sun gets warmer, the cherry trees leave the cold of winter behind and burst into blossom. Each little white flower holds the promise of a ripe, juicy cherry. sweet-red-cherries-chelan-fresh.png

As you walk through the orchards you can hear the spring breeze rustle the leaves and the air is filled with an incredibly sweet scent of cherry blossoms. As you get closer to the trees, you’ll also hear the buzzing of hard working honeybees, gathering nectar and pollen for their hives. These diligent workers also pollinate the lovely blossoms, allowing us to bring you the sensational cherries you have come to expect from our growers. Cherries are bursting with nutrition. They are loaded with antioxidents and anti-inflammatory properties along with vitamin C, potassium and contain about 3g of fiber per serving.

Look for Chelan Fresh cherries at your local retailer in early June.

Meet the Grower

Chelan Fresh is proud to represent the growers of Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan counties in Washington State. RichardOrchard.jpgIn the coming months we will regularly introduce them to you in our “Meet the Grower” series. Check in regularly with our blog – To the Core – to find out what’s happening in the orchards that produce some of Washington’s Finest Mountain Grown Fruit.

To learn about Chelan Fresh grower, Richard Thomason, visit our blog post.


Category Opportunities

Chelan Fresh continues to provide powerful insights into the buying habits of todays consumers. Reach out to your Chelan Fresh account manager for more information about the buying habits of consumers in your specific region.

Category Opportunities

Employee Spotlight

Dan Gaspar-1.jpg

Name: Dan Gaspar

Position: Food Safety Director

Favorite Apple: SugarBee®

Favorite Cherry: Rainier

Favorite part of working at Chelan Fresh: I really enjoy the Chelan Fresh staff that I work with and the sense of team we incorporate into everything we do.

Favorite thing to do outside of work: Every year I set up one of the most extensive light displays in the Wenatchee Valley. I start it in November in order to be finished by the first part of December. One of my other favorite activities is attending all of the Washington State University Home Football games in Pullman. I love reconnecting with other WSU alumni and enjoy the commaradrie of these events.

The American Dream Video Series: Natividad Rubio

Natividad Rubio came to the United States hoping that the orchards of North Central Washington were a place he could find a better future. He has spent the last 30 years working and raising a family and is now a successful land-owner, husband and father of six college graduates.

Through hard work and perseverance, Natividad and his family are leaders in their community and now want to give back to students seeking to obtain a college degree. The Rubio family has created a scholarship for students from North Central Washington that are seeking to attend college and carve out a bright future.

Here at Chelan Fresh we appreciate the growers and their families who continue to produce our quality Mountain Grown Fruit. We also honor their commitment to making the communities where they live a better place for future generations.

For more information on Natividad Rubios and his family please click here.

Pear Pouch Bags

The arrival of spring brings the opportunity for consumers BoscAnjouDisplay-2.jpgstock up on delicious, nutritious and conveniently packaged Pears.

Chelan Fresh currently offers our D’Anjou, Red Pears, Organic Bosc and Conventional Bosc pears in a variety of pack types, but we think our Variety Specific Pouch Bags are special.

With 3lb D’Anjou, 2lb Red Pear, 3lb Bosc and 2lb Organic Bosc packed in high graphic, Variety Specific Pouches, we can give a high-end touch to the competitive pear category at your retail locations. This packaging strategy better communicates the unique attributes of different varieties while also supporting the consumer with pear education, tips and usage ideas.

RedAnjouBag-1.jpgAccording to Marketing Director Mac Riggan “We believe that these pouch bags can help drive sales, create excitement within the category and convert consumers from  a shopper to a buyer that much better.” Pears are perfect for tossing in salads, desserts, and pairing with cheese and wines.

Contact your Chelan Fresh account manager for more information about our pear varieties and package types available.


Trade Shows

Are you looking to connect with Chelan Fresh sales and marketing professionals in the flesh and talk about fresh fruit?

Find us at a Trade Show near you in 2017. Chances are if you come by our booth and say hi, we will offer you a piece of our quality Mountain Grown Fruit.

  • CPMA Toronto, Canada: May 9-11
  • West Coast Show  Palm Springs, California: May 19-21
  • United Fresh Show Chicago, Illinois: June 13-15
  • PMA Show New Orleans, Louisiana: October 19-21
  • New York Produce Show: December 11-14
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