Spring is just around the corner and in these uncertain times it brings signs of hope and an end to the cold days of winter. If you live anywhere in the upper half of the United States you are cautiously optimistic that warm spring days will come sooner rather than later.

While our society worldwide continues to be challenged, changed, and stretched daily, Mother Nature does not stop. Longer, warmer days mean that trees are waking up from their winter dormancy and starting to show buds. Full bloom in mid-April for pears, cherries and other stonefruit trees are followed by full blossom in late April to early May for apple trees. Even amongst all of the economic and health uncertainty, 4th and 5th generation Family Farmers continue to watch over the trees and crops that they have cultivated for years. We look forward to bountiful cherry harvests by summer and quality apple and pear harvest by fall.

As you continue to practice your social distancing, take time to be thankful to the agricultural community as a whole. The farmers, packing warehouses, and truckers continue to work and give us all access to one of the safest and most reliable food chains in the world.

From the Sales Desk

Tim Evans, Director of Sales and Organic Sales Manager Kevin Stennes are adjusting to the new normal – Work From Home. They both took a break from the sales desk to give us mid-season updates on both conventional and organic apples and pears.

According to Tim, “Our warehouse operations continue to ramp up capacity to meet the increased demand from many Retailers across the U.S. As an enterprise we are committed to continuing to meet Retailer and Consumer demand for our products in spite of the many challenges that we are faced with daily. Kevin Stennes echoed Tim’s sentiments stating that “While the Organic Pear season has wrapped up, strong demand for Organic apples is moving the crop more quickly than we had planned. We will see limited availability on Honeycrisp and Pink Lady™ but we still have ample supplies of Fuji, Gala and Granny to keep the organic shelves full. Spring is a great time to feature Organic Granny Smith at promotional prices”.

Chelan Fresh is prepared to provide quality apples and pears throughout the remainder of the season. To have any questions answered, reach out to our sales team at 509-682-4252 and be connected to any of our Chelan Fresh sales staff who continue to work from home and practice social distancing as they help to bring quality apples and pears to your retail locations.

What’s New

Rockit Shuttle is now RPET

Our 3lb Rockit™ Shuttle is now made from 100% recycled PET plastic(RPET)  The small in size, big in flavor Rockit™ apple that is grown to be naturally small is even better! By using an RPET container, means instead of putting additional virgin plastic into the Supply Chain we are repurposing existing plastic that consumers have already purchased and chose to recycle. RPET also uses less energy to produce, making it eco-friendly in multiple ways.

The Rockit™ is perfect for building oversize displays that drive consumers to purchase more produce. Talk to your Chelan Fresh sales team member about the having the Rockit™ Shuttle in your stores today. 509-682-4252

Savor the Flavor

Alisha Jeffries

Alisha Jeffries is Command Central for Chelan Fresh Marketing and then some. She has taken all of her organization expertise and poured it into the Marketing department for our collective, continued success.

Alisha was raised as a city girl but found her soul on an orchard in Central Washington.  Over 12 years ago she and her husband Todd came back to Todd’s family roots in the Chelan Valley when they purchased an organic orchard where they could raise their 4 sons. Buying an orchard and house created the opportunity for her to become an accomplished DIY’er and she has created many household projects from pallets and wood apple bins. In her spare time she loves hiking, watching sporting events, cooking, and spending time with her family. How many moms get to experience chasing pigs for 4-H projects, watching sand volleyball, remodeling a bathroom and attending a band concert all in the same weekend? Rumor has it, Alisha has gone head to head with numerous stubborn 4-H pigs and has not lost a single battle. She also is an active member of a bowling league and sometimes beats her husband Todd. Sorry Todd.   

Alisha’s creative, kind, and determined personality makes her the perfect fit for the Chelan Fresh Marketing team.  We applaud and appreciate her every day, even when we forget to tell her.

Salsa Mexicana

Featured Recipe: Salsa Mexicana

Alisha is also an accomplished cook and shares her passion with her family. Her favorite Chelan Fresh recipe is one from a few years back but as Alisha shares “Salsa Mexicana has bright flavors, is so colorful and beyond versatile. This recipe is perfect because it goes on everything from sliced baguettes with goat cheese, tortilla chips and even pork chops”. Thank you Alisha for continuing to share your passions with all of us.

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