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There’s a new apple in town and her name is Lucy™


The Lucy™ Rose boasts a sweet flavor with a hint of berry, beautiful red skin on the outside and naturally red inside. They are the perfect crisp, snacking apple and are striking in fresh salads or as an attractive surprise element in your favorite baking recipes.

Lucy™ apples are seasonal varieties available in stores from about October – February. With such a short window of opportunity, be sure to pick them up in stores when you can! Look for Lucy™ in stores starting October 2021.


The Lucy™ Apple is a beautiful naturally red-fleshed apple that is a cross between the Honeycrisp apple and the Airlie Red Flesh apple. Originally created by Bill Howell, Lucy™ is now grown by dedicated 4th and 5th generation growers in central Washington.


The Lucy™ Glo is a tasty and tart apple with a hint of sweetness. It has a blushing gold skin and is naturally red on the inside. Lucy™ Glo Apples are tasty in salads, eaten fresh as a snack, or try juicing them for a vibrant pink beverage!

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Meet Lucy™

The Lucy™ Apple is a beautiful (and delicious!), naturally red-fleshed apple that is a cross between the Honeycrisp apple everyone knows and loves, and the Airlie Red Flesh apple. Grown in the heart of central Washington by 4th and 5th generation growers, It has been a labor of love to cultivate and has quickly grown to be a consumer favorite!

Meet the Creator

Bill Howell is a plant pathologist in Prosser, WA about a two-hour drive south of Wenatchee, and at the epicenter of Washington’s apple industry! Bill is the apple cultivator who created our beloved Lucy™ brand series of red-fleshed apples, including Lucy™ Rose and Lucy™ Glo.

Meet the Growers

This beloved apple is grown in the heart of Central Washington by a small group of 4th and 5th generation growers passionate about producing high quality red flesh apples. As a hybrid between a Honeycrisp and an Airlie Red variety, each apple boasts an unforgettable flavor and continues to delight with naturally red flesh inside.

Perfectly Crunchy • Suprisingly Unique • Deliciously Complex

Love Letters to Lucy

I love these apples. Just the right taste of tart and sweet!

Jane, Facebook User

Even at first glance, it’s clear these apples are special!
As striking as they are delicious.


We LOVE gorgeous Lucy apples! Looking forward to next season!

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