Delightful & Unique

A truly unique flavor and appearance.

Lucy ApplesLucy™ Apples are grown in the heart of Central Washington by a small group of pioneering growers who are passionate about developing new varieties. Through countless years of research and development, they discovered they could grow a great tasting, pink-red interior apple.

Lucy™Apples are part Honeycrisp, which give them their sweet, tangy flavor and crunchy texture we all love. Lucy™Rose has a red skin and sweet berry notes in the flavor profile. Lucy™Glo has a gorgeous yellow skin that allows the red interior glow from within and is tangy with a hint of sweet.

Our incredible Lucy™ apples are available at numerous locations across the United States. Use our store locator to find a retailer near you!

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Apple, Cheese, and Wine Pairing for Lucy®

Lucy Apples