August is here, but the northern district of Central Washington Cherry Season continues to produce a very good volume of high-quality cherries. Tim Evans, Sales Director at Chelan Fresh remarked “the cherries that are coming off the tree now eat as well as we can remember and are definitely larger than normal.” These cherries are not just large, but really a jumbo size with the majority of the crop peaking on a 9 row cherry and larger. The Chelan Fresh growers are continuing to produce consistent daily volume for the next 10 days. According to Evans “We are changing things up a bit and have a new Gold Prize™ pack available for domestic markets. These are jumbo cherries in a unique loose carton. Retailers are creating big displays of these beautiful cherries and the eye-catching carton. There is still good volume for US retailers to get the peak of season dollars at the register, especially with the new Gold Prize™ cherry pack.” The Chelan Fresh Cherry team is available for all of your late season cherry needs. 509-682-4252.

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