Mid-Season Cherry Forecast

As mid-July approaches, Chelan Fresh is at the peak of our cherry harvest. With some of our largest producing orchards situated in the northern part of Central Washington and at higher elevations, our cherry orchards hit their peak both in both volume and fruit size. According to Sales Manager Tim Evans, “We continue to pick some of the best eating, and larger than normal cherries as we move into mid-July. Our fruit continues to peak on 9.5 row and larger and the summer weather to date has been slightly cooler, creating one of the best eating cherry crops in recent memory. US Retailers need to know that strong Export markets are demanding more and more of this season’s smaller crop, so prices are trending higher.”  

The Chelan Fresh Cherry Team is available to talk cherries with you now. 509-682-4252.

Ruby lovers rejoice!

Every year lovers of the Orondo Ruby® cherry wait patiently to find this special cherry at grocery stores. If you love the Ruby the time to enjoy them is now! Only available for about 3 weeks every season, consumers know Orondo Ruby® just might be Nature’s Perfect cherry with its sweet but complex flavor, beautiful blush appearance and firm texture. Chef Meg Raines agrees, “The Orondo Ruby® has wonderful eating qualities and is perfect for salads, baking and juices.”

Orondo Ruby® Cherry Milkshake
For those hot afternoons and late night slumber parties, this Orondo Ruby® shake by Chef Meg will be a treat long remembered.

Click here for where to find the Ruby. And remember, Orondo Ruby® is only in stores for 2 more weeks. Contact your Chelan Fresh cherry team member to secure any remaining Orondo Ruby® inventory. 509-682-4252.

Organic Produce Summit

The Chelan Fresh team will be showcasing the entire line of Organic products on July 11th in Monterey at the Organic Produce Summit. “The OPS show continues to grow each year and allows Organic Shippers and Buyers to come together under one roof to focus solely on Organic Produce” states Organic Sales Manager Kevin Stennes. Stennes appreciates the opportunity to talk directly with buyers who are responsible for sourcing quality Organic apples, pears, cherries and stonefruit for their retail chains. Look for the Chelan Fresh team at booth #411 on Thursday 7/11.

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