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December marked the official launch of SugarBee®, the new apple sensation from Chelan Fresh. SugarBee® is a Honeycrisp cross exclusive to Chelan Fresh. Despite limited supply, consumer response was incredible. Retailers and consumers alike, raved about the crisp texture and wonderful flavor of the new SugarBee®. We apologize if you did not get to experience this year’s crop of SugarBee®, but your chance to do so next fall will be better.

We know our growers will need to produce a lot more of this apple over the next five years to meet expected demand.

For more information regarding SugarBee® Apples and to watch our SugarBee® film, visit our recent blog post.

Category Opportunities


Chelan Fresh category support goes well beyond supplying and shipping products to our customers. Our Category Management team keeps their finger on the pulse of how U.S. consumers are buying fresh apples, pears and cherries.

We can work with your team to analyze consumer buying trends in a variety of ways:

Syndicated Data Analysis – Neilsen and IRI

  • How are apples, pears and cherries selling at a National level?
  • Does this vary by region, apple variety or pack type?
  • How deep should I be in Organics?

Market Level Assortment and Pricing Strategies

  • How many pear SKU’s are retailers carrying in my market?
  • What varieties are they and how are they packaged?
  • What retail price are they selling for and are they promoting?

Consumer Behavior: Purchase Drivers and Barriers

  • What factors drive consumer purchases?
  • What situations create a barrier to purchase?
  • Why do some consumers purchase berries regularly, but never buy cherries?

We have these answers and more! We will work with your team to customize research and analysis specific to your retail needs and market.  If you would like more information please contact your Chelan Fresh sales representative at (509) 682-4252.

Rockit® Apple


This fall we harvested the second crop of Rockit® Apples from our local orchards for sales through March. The Rockit® Apple program provides a brand new way to offer consumers a healthy option in a convenient package. The hi-graphic tubes provide a sanitary and protective delivery option never before available. The tubes come in 3, 4 and 5 apple count options, sure to fit a multitude of consumer tastes.

The corrugated launcher and plexiglass countertop display offer retailers two perfect merchandising options to engage consumers. Call your Chelan Fresh representative today for more information: (509) 682-4252.

Rockit Launcher 1-827219-edited.pngRockit Display.png

To learn more about Rockit® Apples, visit our web page.

NFL Fuel Up to Play 60


This January marks our fourth consecutive NFL promotion with Fuel Up to Play 60applebin-424823-edited.jpg

Various apple varieties will be available in 5lb and 10lb poly bags and hi-graphic DRC’s, featuring the FUTP 60 graphics as seen by millions of kids every day at school. NFL FUTP 60 is a great way to differentiate your apple offering while helping moms and dads make nutritious options like apples more appealing to their kids.

The massive amount of promotion surrounding the February 5th Superbowl game provides a free halo of awareness to drive sales. It is also worth noting that all promotional proceeds are awarded on a merit basis to schools to create healthier food programs and/or playground equipment for their schools.

Call your Chelan Fresh representative today for more information: (509) 682-4252.

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