Giving Fresh

Connecting Community & Fresh Produce

Chelan Fresh gives to programs and organizations whom provide basic food and nutrition solutions to those in need and/or educational tools for health, nutrition and fitness. Giving generously to others is an important part of our mission. We welcome opportunities to donate to non-profits that serve our stated giving strategy. Thank you for your interest.

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Fuel Up To Play 60

Chelan Fresh is proud to be part of the Fuel Up to Play60 program that encourages school age children to make nutritious food choices to fuel their activities. Through our donations to this program, over 20 schools have been able to purchase rolling carts or commercial blenders that create easier access for students to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. The FUTP60 program also provides leadership opportunities and educational programs for middle and high school students to mentor elementary students to make healthy nutrition choices and engaging in physical activity.

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Breakfast cart kickoff in Hahnville High School, St Charles Parish, Louisiana

Healthy You in One Minute

At Chelan Fresh we encourage healthy lifestyles – Our efforts through our complimentary publications and films “Healthy You In One Minute” and our “Chelan Fresh RD Toolkit” is to educate communities and consumers about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity with a focus on family and Registered Dietitians as primary influencers.

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Food Bank Networks

Giving Fresh outlines several ways we give within our local community and across the country. Chelan Fresh donates fresh fruit to local and regional food banks to support their ability to offer fresh solutions to those in need.

Washington Apple Educational Foundation Scholarships

Chelan Fresh and our growing partners support student education and training programs through WAEF Scholarships and Chelan Fresh student internship programs. These programs help underserved students attend college and vocational programs and strengthen their future employment opportunities and earning potential.

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School Menu Planner

Food and nutrition tools are provided as an educational resource to school menu planners by providing scalable recipes and elementary curriculum regarding orchards, apples, pears, cherries and walnuts. We continue to grow and expand our recipes and educational resources. Resources offer fun, engaging and challenges ways for children to learn about their health through smart food choices.

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Produce for Better Health

Chelan Fresh continues its long time sponsorship and message of Produce for Better Health “More Matters”.
PBH’s primary objective is to educate consumers about the importance of increasing consumption of a colorful
variety of fruits and vegetables.

Give to Jamaica

Chelan Fresh has a matching program which supports our Jamaican labor force’s giving efforts. These funds have helped plant gardens at senior centers, build more capacity at group children homes and provide agricultural educational scholarships for high school students.

Since 2011 Chelan Fresh has given financial support to the Kingston Elementary School Project and in 2016 Chelan Fresh provided Jamaican High School Agricultural Scholarships.

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