Chelan Fresh Packaging

From the orchard to the bin, through the packing process, onto the shelf and into consumers hands, Chelan Fresh strives to produce packaging that provides consumers with the quality fruit they love in a package that is convenient.

Apple Packaging


  • Standard and heavy tray pack
  • Euro cartons
  • Display-ready cartons
  • RPCs
  • Seasonal tote bags
  • Half tri-wall bins
  • Mesh and Poly bags
  • Clamshells
  • Variety specific 3lb pouches

Pear Packaging


Pear pouch bags are available in 2lb & 3lb

Cascade Crest Organic Packaging


Our 2lb high graphic pouch bags offer consumers easy distinction of the variety, the purchase weight and good visibility of the fruit in a clear pouch.

Cascade Crest Organics

Cherry Packaging


  • Volume-Fill Cherry Box
  • Side Lock Bag
  • Catch Weight Bag
  • Clamshells