At Chelan Fresh, we know our employees are every bit as important as the fruit we sell. We are thrilled that Janette joined our team in 2018 and continues to excel at her position.

Name: Janette Meneses

Position: Export Sales Assistant

Favorite Apple: SugarBee®. I love the sweet flavor and crunchy texture.

Favorite Cherry: Rainier Cherry, they are so sweet. They aren’t around for long so I try and stock up as much as I can during the season. I’ve found that they freeze well (but you need to pit them first!) and I can enjoy a Rainier cherry treat throughout the year!

Favorite part of working at Chelan Fresh: My favorite part about working at Chelan Fresh is the people who I work with. I have met some truly great people working here. I think that this job would have been completely different if I didn’t get to work with who I work with now. Both Mario and Gustavo, who are my salesmen, have completely taken me under their wing and have gone above and beyond to teach me everything I know, and will continue to learn.

Another one of my favorite parts about working at Chelan Fresh is the markets in which I get to work with and the interactions that I get to have with different markets around the world. The markets that I currently work in are Mexico, Central and South America.

Favorite thing to do outside of work, something that is near and dear to your heart: After graduating Eastern Washington University, I wanted to come back to Chelan be around my family.  I think that after 4 years of being away I just wanted to be home.

One of my favorite things to do outside of work is spend time with my family, especially my younger brother. He is 8, and I think it is necessary for him to have another sibling around who he can learn from and interact with. We spend a lot of time at the movie theater or at the Redbox® in town. Lately we have been working on our summer bodies and that has involved a lot of walks through the park and random pushup sessions throughout the day.