We’ve been making full use of the gorgeous seasonal produce to create original recipes that are cool and tasty. With only a few weeks of summer left, why not try one of the following recipes? 

If you have a hard time getting your hands on fresh cherries, just use frozen! (Check out our tips for storing and freezing cherries) 

Cucumber and pear gazpacho

We’re in love this cucumber pear gazpacho spiked with honeydew melon. It’s refreshing and absolutely delicious! A real showstopper. 

Source: Chelan Fresh 

Apple Pear Fennel Salad

Apple pear fennel salad

This crisp and hydrating salad includes two of our favorite fruits: pears and apples! Enjoy as a light lunch on a hot day or as a starter. 

Source: Chelan Fresh

Orondo Ruby Gin Tonic

Cherry gin and tonic

No end of season barbecue would be complete without some amazing cocktails! Our cherry gin and tonic always hits the spot. 

Source: Chelan Fresh

Iced Tea Pears

Poached iced tea pears

Iced tea and pears are a match made in heaven. Follow our simple poached pear recipe to make this elegant and cool dessert. 

Source: Chelan Fresh

Pear Fig Salad

Pear, fig and feta salad with pecans and maple-Dijon vinaigrette

Salads are perfect for those hot end-of-summer days. Pears add a refreshing and crisp touch to this colorful seasonal salad. 

Source: Chelan Fresh

Black Forest Cake

No bake Black Forest cake 

A healthy and chilled take on the classic Black Forest gateau that is suitable for lactose-intolerant, gluten-free, and vegan guests. 

Source: Chelan Fresh

Green Apple Salsa

Green apple salsa 

This light and tangy raw apple salsa will easily find its place on your BBQ buffet. Serve with toasted pita or corn chips. 

Source: Chelan Fresh

Chilled Cherry Soup

Chilled cherry soup 

Chilled cherry soup can be served as a starter or a dessert (yes, you read that right!). Easy to make and ever so pretty. 

Source: Chelan Fresh 

What are your favorite recipes to make with cherries, apples and pears? Please comment below!

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