When we think of pears, we conjure up images of decadent pastries, pies and cakes. However, pears hold their own in many savory dishes as well, and fall is the perfect time to get into the kitchen and cook up some of these warm and toasty recipes featuring the versatile pear.

Pear Pomegranate Salsa

Looking for something different on Taco Tuesday? Try our sweet and savory Pear Pomegranate Salsa with feta cheese. Serve this pear salsa with your favorite tacos instead of traditional salsa, or try it on a salad for a refreshing crunch.

Butternut Pear Soup

Our Butternut Squash and Pear Soup is a luscious way to enjoy pears in a savory dish. The subtle sweetness of the pears adds the perfect balance to the earthy fall flavors in this soup. Serve with richly spiced chickpeas and you have a hearty and satisfying meal for a chilly fall day.

This Savory Pear Ricotta Sheet Tart works for any season and is easy to put together for an elegant appetizer served alongside your favorite white or sparkling wine. Add a light salad on the side and it turns into a lovely weekend lunch or brunch.

Crimson Pear Salad

The holidays are coming and our Holiday Crimson Pear Salad is a festive way to celebrate. It’s loaded with juicy Red Anjou pears, oranges and pomegranate seeds to add a bit of sweet complexity to the savory feta cheese and Cranberry Rosemary Vinaigrette.

However you dice it, pears are easy to add to savory dishes with delicious results.

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