This little bottle of Tajín Seasoning packs a big punch! And when you pair it with our Chelan Fresh cherries it adds a zing, making for a savory and tangy snack all in one bite.

Chelan Fresh is all about finding new and innovative ways to pair fresh fruit with other foods and seasonings to help consumers lead a healthier lifestyle. That is why we love our friends at Tajin. Tajin’s number one goal is to help improve the overall consumption of fruits and vegetables from children through adults. The Tajin line of seasonings pairs well with fresh fruits, vegetables and also offers a great way to add some kick to your favorite dish. And taking Tajin along with your favorite cherry or other fresh fruit as an on-the-go snack makes perfect, healthy, snacking sense.

Look for Tajin and Chelan Fresh cherries at your local retailer.

Tajin and Rainier cherries

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