It’s official: cherry season has arrived! As we speak, market stalls are filling with these dark crimson beads just begging to be brought home and devoured.

There are many reasons to eat cherries. They’re a good source of vitamin C, fiber and potassium, and are celebrated for being rich in antioxidants. Research has even shown that they can help reduce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis and gout. Oh, and they’re sweet and absolutely delicious! 

Get off on the right foot and start your day with some cherries. We’ve rounded up 10 recipes to help you integrate them at breakfast time. Don’t wait too long to try them out; cherries are very seasonal and will be gone before you know it.

Lemon poppy seed pancakes with cherry compote 

Soft and fluffy lemony pancakes offer the perfect backdrop for our sweet homemade cherry compote. Your family is in for a treat! 

Source: Chelan Fresh 

Overnight cherry oatmeal with almonds 

Start preparing the night before for a nutritious and delicious breakfast that’s quick to make. A warm and comforting recipe. 

Source: Kim’s Cravings 

Fresh cherry hand pies 

Pack all the flavor of fresh seasonal cherries in puff pastry hand pies. A simple-to-make breakfast treat everyone will love. 

Source: Dessert for Two 

Black Forest chocolate cherry smoothie 

An ultra decadent smoothie that marries fresh cherries with just the right amount of chocolate. Vegan and gluten-free. 

Source: Turnip in the Oven 

Very berry fruit salad 

Fresh cherries are mixed with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries to make an antioxidant-boosting salad. 

Source: Kristine’s Kitchen 

Pickled Cherries

Pickled cherries 

For those who prefer a savory start to the day, these pickled cherries add just the right amount of sweet to toast topped with soft cheese. 

Source: Chelan Fresh 

Sweet cherry chia breakfast jar 

Make this healthy chia pudding with sweet cherries to give your body a boost of antioxidants and nutrients.  

Source: Ascension Kitchen  

Cherry chocolate chip waffles 

Surprise the family on Saturday morning with golden waffles topped with fresh cherries (and as much chocolate as they can handle!). 

Source: Inside Bru Crew Life 

Cherry vanilla muffins 

These sweet vanilla muffins dotted with fresh cherries won’t last long around the house! Great recipe for a grab-and-go breakfast. 

Source: Savory Simple 

Cherry stem infusion 

Did you know that French women drink cherry stem tea for its detox and diuretic properties? Make your own at home (oui, oui!). 


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