May 2, 2017

Total Sales Volume Increases by 47 percent

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Together, Chelan Fresh suppliers have co-developed and are growing next-generation apple varieties such as the Rockit®, SugarBee®, Red Honeycrisp, KORU® and two red-fleshed apples; as well as the Orondo Ruby® cherry.

Chelan Fresh Logo

Borton Fruit Logo

With the addition of Borton Fruit, Chelan Fresh’s total sales volume will increase 47 percent.

Trout Logo

The Trout label, first marketed in 1923, is well-known around the world. The majority of the new fruit will be marketed under the Trout Label.

Chelan Fresh Coop New Packing Facility

Chelan Fresh suppliers are investing millions in new assets, including Chelan Fruit Cooperative’s recently completed packing facility in Chelan, Washington.

5 BortonFruit3and4Generations-4780.jpg

Today, the third and fourth generations of Bortons operate the family farm.
Left to right: Eric Borton, Andy Birley, Bill Borton, Byron Borton and John Borton.

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