Red Pear Frangipane Tart


Red Pear Frangipane tarte does not have to be overly complicated. By eliminating a few unnecessary technical steps and replacing them with an easy-to-do method, you can be cooking up this classic French tarte in no time. Red Pears sliced up with the skin on not only make this easy, but beautiful with that vibrant pop of color in what is normally a bland looking dessert presentation. Assembly is a breeze with the forgiving dough texture. Also, the filling is thick allowing for easy suspension of the pear slices. When it is baked and cooled, dust with powdered sugar, slice [...]

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Sweet Red Cherry Chutney with Black Forest Ham & Brie Croissants


Sweet Red Cherry Chutney is the perfect accompaniment for late summer dinners when it is still too hot to cook but you are craving a hint of fall flavors.  Packed with herbs, citrus, spice and cherries, this savory topping is ideal for multitude of uses. Chutney is a fruit-based preserve used alongside meats, cheeses, and curries. It is delicious served hot or cold. We love to add this sweet red cherry chutney as a condiment on a butter croissant with melted brie cheese & black forest ham. This recipe includes traditional and instant pot methods. Ingredients 1 tbsp. of olive [...]

Sweet Red Cherry Chutney with Black Forest Ham & Brie Croissants2022-08-11T21:07:26+00:00

Sweet Red Cherry Refrigerator Jam


Do you have just 3 cups of sweet red cherries and not know what to do with them? Make this easy pectin free refrigerator jam. Traditional canning can be a daunting or time-consuming task for many people, but this recipe which provides the same results takes a fraction of that time. Bonus, you probably already have all the ingredients right there at home! Ingredients 3 c. of sweet red cherries, destemmed and pitted ¾ c. granulated white sugar ¼ c. honey 2 tbsp. of lemon juice 2 tbsp. cornstarch (for slurry) 1 tbsp. water (for slurry) Directions Destem and pit the [...]

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Viral Yogurt Bark w/ Sweet Cherries Trend


We took the viral yogurt bark trend to a new level with fresh sweet red cherries, pistachios, chia seeds, cocoa nibs, and unsweetened coconut shreds. This version is a play-off of my favorite trail mix, but the possibilities are truly endless. Some other great flavors that pair well with cherries are, slivered almonds, cinnamon, dried apricots, and/or white chocolate morsels!  Ingredients 32 oz. container of full fat vanilla yogurt  1 cup of pitted sweet red cherries quartered ½ cup of shelled pistachios ¼ cup of chia seeds ½ cup unsweetened coconut shreds 3 tbsp. of cocoa nibs Directions Line a cookie [...]

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Chocolate & Sweet Red Cherry Macarons


These light and airy French style chocolate macarons are filled with cherry buttercream and compote. In this simplified recipe, I will share my method to create an approachable way to perfect these tricky treats and create a classic flavor combination that we all know and love. Ingredients   Macarons: 100 grams egg whites (aged overnight and brought to room temperature) ¼ tsp. cream of tarter 60 grams of granulated white sugar 110 grams of superfine almond flour 190 grams of powdered sugar 10 grams of unsweetened cocoa powder 75 grams dark melting chocolate (for chocolate drizzle) Cherry Compote: 70 grams of [...]

Chocolate & Sweet Red Cherry Macarons2022-07-21T18:23:47+00:00

Chocolate Covered Sweet Cherries Stuffed w/ Honey Chèvre


Chocolate covered cherries are a familiar treat, but we are elevating them by stuffing them with goat cheese & honey chèvre. The savory elements of the chèvre make the tart aspects of the cherries pop while the chocolate mellows the two flavors down, creating a mouthwatering trifecta of deliciousness. Though the flavor combination tastes complicated, the recipe is as easy as can be! Ingredients:  1 dozen Sweet Red Cherries 1-4oz package of Honey Chèvre (room temperature) 1-8oz container of milk chocolate melting wafers  1-8oz container of white chocolate melting wafers Directions: Pit your sweet cherries on the side to leave the [...]

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SugarBee® Apple Air Fryer Turnovers


Ingredients 2 SugarBee® apples, peeled, cored, and rough chopped 1 tbsp. cinnamon powder 1 tbsp. maple syrup or other sugar substitute  1 package of store-bought puff pastry sheets thawed 1 egg beaten for egg wash Directions Add your rough chopped SugarBee® apples, cinnamon, and maple syrup (or sugar sub.) to a large skillet. Cook on medium low until apple pieces are slightly softened.  You may add a few tablespoons of water to keep them from drying out or a squirt of lemon juice.  We don’t want the mix too soupy, or it will prevent the puff pastry from cooking thoroughly. While [...]

SugarBee® Apple Air Fryer Turnovers2022-07-05T19:33:37+00:00

Broccoli Waldorf Salad with Rockit™ Apples


Recipe by: Courtney Paige | @apaigeofpositivity Ingredients Broccoli - Instead of lettuce, we are using crunchy, fresh broccoli in this Waldorf Salad. Sharp Cheddar Cheese - Sharp cheddar has the perfect salty and tangy bite that nicely contrasts the sweet apples in this salad. Onion - Use red for a little bit more bitterness. Rockit™ Apples - Rockit™ apples have just the right amount of tartness and just the right amount of sweetness. They're so juicy too. Greek Yogurt - Yogurt will be the base of our Waldorf Salad dressing. This lightens up a what could be a heavy, cream-based dressing [...]

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Sweet Cherry & Chocolate Pudding Pops


Looking for a sweet treat you can make and enjoy with the kids this summer? Sweet Cherry & Chocolate Pudding Pops are a must have! Simplify by using a store-bought instant pudding mix. Traditionally you cannot use milk substitutes in instant puddings, but since we are freezing these popsicles, it is totally okay to use a milk alternative. I personally have made these with oat milk before and they turned out great! With only a few ingredients and super simple instructions, this is an all-ages friendly project that will not only entertain the mind, but also the tastebuds!   Ingredients 1 [...]

Sweet Cherry & Chocolate Pudding Pops2022-06-30T20:56:28+00:00

30-Minute Air Fryer Sweet Cherry Pork Ribs


Ingredients Ribs: 1 to 2 racks pork ribs 2lbs each Dry Rub: 1 tbsp. of ground espresso 2 tsp. onion powder 2 tsp. granulated garlic 2 tsp. kosher salt 2 tsp. dry mustard 1 tbsp. chili powder Sweet Cherry BBQ sauce: (Makes about 3 cups!) 1 medium onion chopped 1 tsp. onion powder 2 tbsp. olive oil 2 tsp. granulated garlic 2 cups fresh sweet cherries pitted 1 cup ketchup 2/3 cup brown sugar ¼ cup apple cider vinegar 1. Tbsp Worcestershire sauce 2 tsp. dry mustard  ½ tsp. fresh ground black pepper  ½ cup chipotle peppers in adobo sauce  Directions [...]

30-Minute Air Fryer Sweet Cherry Pork Ribs2022-06-29T16:27:10+00:00
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