May 15, 2017 Newsletter


Countdown to Cherry Season 2017 When your cherry orchards look like this, it means cherry harvest is about 50 days away! At Chelan Fresh we are known for Quality Mountain Grown fruit but we love to say that our cherries are what makes us famous. The mountains of Central Washington, ample sunshine, cool crisp air and the waters of the might Columbia River comcine for ideal growing conditions. This spring, our cherry bloom is falling at a more normal time, allowing us to start our harvests around the middle of June and continue to have cherries at our higher elevations through [...]

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March 3, 2017 Newsletter


Countdown to Cherry Season 2017 Chelan Fresh employees and growers think spring is one of the best seasons of the year. Spring means the start of our Chelan Fresh cherry season is less than 80 days away. And as the days get longer and the sun gets warmer, the cherry trees leave the cold of winter behind and burst into blossom. Each little white flower holds the promise of a ripe, juicy cherry.  As you walk through the orchards you can hear the spring breeze rustle the leaves and the air is filled with an incredibly sweet scent of cherry blossoms. As you get closer [...]

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February 2, 2017 Newsletter


For the Love of Fruit Each year as the New Year comes around we make resolutions and promises to eat better and exercise more.  About now those resolutions have lost their New Years glimmer and we are losing faith that we can actually achieve what we set out to do.  Today is a new day- Go ahead and finish off your box of Valentines Day candy and then return to that reasonable plan to improve your health. You can start by consuming fresh Washington apples and pears from Chelan Fresh.  Both arehigh in fiber and nutrients, but low in calories.  And [...]

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January 5, 2017 Newsletter


What's New December marked the official launch of SugarBee®, the new apple sensation from Chelan Fresh. SugarBee® is a Honeycrisp cross exclusive to Chelan Fresh. Despite limited supply, consumer response was incredible. Retailers and consumers alike, raved about the crisp texture and wonderful flavor of the new SugarBee®. We apologize if you did not get to experience this year's crop of SugarBee®, but your chance to do so next fall will be better. We know our growers will need to produce a lot more of this apple over the next five years to meet expected demand. For more information regarding SugarBee® [...]

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