Our best brunch recipes with apples, pears and cherries


Brunch is one of our favorite meals! It’s one of the only times you can easily mix savory and sweet, and there are no strict rules about what is an isn’t appropriate for eat. Brunch is also the opportunity to get friends and family around a table to eat and enjoy each other’s company without the pressure of hosting a sit-down dinner. Fruits like apples, pears and cherries can take pride of place at the brunch table or buffet. They are versatile, delicious, and healthy crowd-pleasers. What’s not to love? Here is some inspiration for the next brunch you host for [...]

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Cheese and wine pairings for KORU®, Rockit™ and SugarBee® apples


When it comes to apples, cheese and wine, three is not a crowd! This playful trio offers a world of possibility and can be the star of your next get together.  All the varieties of apple, types of cheese, and choices of wine can make your head spin, so we’ve created a guide to help you pair cheese and wine with three of our favorite and most original apples: KORU®, SugarBee® and Rockit™. (And for a decadent double-dose of apple, add our KORU® Apple Chutney laced with deep balsamic flavor to elevate any cheese and apple tasting platter.) KORU® cheese and wine pairings (pictured above) KORU® apples are crisp, [...]

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How to make perfect apple pie, every time.


Apple pie has become a powerful symbol of Americanness that resonates within the hearts of millions. “American as apple pie” is actually quite fitting since, like the United States itself, the humble apple pie evolved from various immigrant roots and traditions. If you happen to be in Washington apple country in July, don’t miss the annual Apple Pie Jamboree in Pateros, Washington where you will be able to taste generations of apple pie traditions by the slice!  For many, apple pie was first tasted at the family table; the result of a delicious labor of love performed by a grandmother or other family member. There are [...]

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How to plan a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner


Cooking a meal for your significant other is a wonderful way to say “I love you”. If you want to make a splash, planning is going to be your best friend. Taking the time to think through your menu and organize yourself will ensure a smooth meal come go-time. How to plan a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner is simple thanks to our tips and recipe suggestions below. Decoration: set the mood  Valentine’s Day is the opportunity to make your loved one feel special, so set your table to match the occasion. Use your best table cloth, plates and cutlery. Fold cloth napkins into fancy [...]

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How to make healthy meals with apples


Eating healthfully while keeping meals interesting can be challenging. What to include? What to leave out?  There is no definite answer to what makes the perfect healthy diet but here are some guidelines to put you on the right path: Eat more fruits and vegetables Increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet means you’ll be consuming more fiber, vitamins, minerals and water, while avoiding saturated fat and cholesterol. Start by reducing portions of animal protein and upping the volume of plants on your plate. Apples are particularly healthy and versatile so keep them within reach at all times. [...]

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One bowl meals: comforting everyday recipes


The humble bowl is a simple yet ideal vessel for an untold number of dishes. Offering mobility and comfort, a meal in a bowl can just as easily be consumed at the dinner table or curled up on the couch. Steaming bowls of goodness are omnipresent in our childhood memories, reminders of shared moments with family and friends. Bowls today are suddenly the height of fashion, becoming the backdrop for raw concoctions, smoothies, inventive salads and fusion-inspired cuisine. We love bowls every which way, and to celebrate them we are sharing our favorite one bowl meal recipes. Grab your bowl and [...]

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Apple breakfast recipes for Christmas morning


It’s the most important meal of the day on one of the most exciting days of the year! With all the present-opening ahead, make sure to kick off Christmas with a gorgeous breakfast spread. Apples are plentiful this time of year and offer the versatility you need to make a range of exceptional Christmas morning treats. Here are a few of our favorite apple breakfast recipes to delight your family and friends around the table on Christmas day. Eggnog French toast casserole Start Christmas with this holiday-ready breakfast bake! Eggnog, apples and cranberries are delightful together. Source: Chelan Fresh Easy applesauce [...]

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SugarBee® Apple: Meet the Growers!


The SugarBee® apple was created on a sunny spring day by an industrious bee who carried pollen from a Honeycrisp blossom to an unknown tree.  Mother Nature did her part and the SugarBee® apple was born.  Grower Chuck Nystrom noticed the branch in his orchard as it produced a beautiful bi-colored apple that was crisp and Sweet as can Bee. The growers at Chelan Fresh agreed with Mr. Nystom and made the decision to grow the SugarBee® apple. One of these growers is Harold Schell, who manages variety development to determine what new varieties will be friendly to grow, harvest, pack, [...]

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Holiday meal planning with apple and pear recipes


The holidays are right around the corner and it’s time for some meal planning! Getting through the holidays can be tricky, especially when hosting or contributing to multiple family gatherings. Meal planning is simply looking ahead and deciding what recipes to prepare for when, and what you need to make them. Doing this is particularly helpful when you have special occasions coming up or you’re expecting company. Proper meal planning will help you: Buy groceries more effectively: no more last-minute runs to the store! Prepare balanced meals: the holidays are a great time to splurge, but it’s always helpful to have [...]

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In Season: What to make with SugarBee® apples


The SugarBee® apple is a new variety that owes half its parentage to the fan-favorite Honeycrisp apple. Harvesting starts at the start of October, so SugarBee® apples are available in time for the holiday season. This premium-grade apple variety is bright with a crimson skin that ranges from 30%-100% red. The firm skin and creamy white fresh offer a nice snap with each bite. Its juicy sweetness is balanced by just the right amount of acidity. This crisp and juicy apple makes an excellent raw snack but is also very versatile in the kitchen. The SugarBee® holds its shape well when cooked, making it a great variety for baking and roasting. All in [...]

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