How to pair cherries with cheese


Cherries love nothing more than to accompany a beautiful cheeseboard. Their sweetness and juiciness contrast beautifully with many types of cheeses, and their bright hues add a pop of color. There are many ways to enjoy cherries with cheese: raw, pickled, cooked in a jam, tossed in a salad, etc. The possibilities really are endless, so have fun with it.  Here is a guide for which cheeses pair well with cherries: Hard/salty cheeses: Cherries add a healthy dose of freshness to aged and salty cheeses. Try them with aged gouda, cheddar, manchego, pecorino, asiago, or gruyere. Soft/salty cheeses: Say hello to cherries [...]

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The cherry on top: Why are cherries so healthy?


Cherries are one of the most popular fruits in the United States, and it’s easy to see why. They’re naturally sweet, come in a variety of attractive colors and are portable to boot. The seasonality of cherries only adds to their appeal… absence makes the heart grow fonder! Cherries are very nutritious and are packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals.  They also have potent anti-inflammatory properties that may help with symptoms of conditions like arthritis and gout.  Here is a snapshot of the nutrition packed into every cherry:  Vitamin C: powerful antioxidant known for fighting free radicals and protecting the body against infectious agents  Potassium: supports heart health and [...]

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Our best recipes for baking with cherries


Cherries are a classic baking fruit, and for good reason. They’re versatile and compatible with so many different flavors. Try different varieties of cherry and see which ones you prefer baking with! Tips for baking with cherries: Learn how to pit cherries, it’s a useful skill that will come in very handy Cherries are seasonal; buy them when they’re plentiful and freeze them for use the rest of the year Here are our favorite baking recipes featuring cherries: Cherry cheesecake swirl brownies Is there anything better than chocolate and cherries? These original brownies are dotted with fresh cherries and feature [...]

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Savory pear recipes


Although pears are sweet, they are wonderful in savory dishes. In fact, it’s because they’re sweet that they work so well. Pears are versatile and can be used in many different ways. And thanks to the different pear varieties on offer, you’ll never run out of new and delicious combinations. Pears add flavor, interest, and a touch of sweetness to soups. They steal the show in a refreshing pear cucumber gazpacho (pictured above) and deliver some needed acidity in our Moroccan-inspired butternut squash and pear soup with spiced chickpeas. We also like to use pears in unexpected ways to create crowd-pleasing savory dishes that are easy to [...]

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Light pear recipes for spring


Spring is here and not a minute too soon! Pears are a wonderful ingredient in springtime recipes. They’re crisp, juicy and full of healthy nutrition. What’s not to love? To kick off the season and welcome the warmer days we’ve rounded up our best light and refreshing pear recipes. Spring Asian-inspired pear salad Our fun spiralized spring salad features Anjou pears and Asian flavors. Recipe makes enough for 4 sides or 2 lunch portions.   Source: Chelan Fresh Pear cucumber gazpacho This ultra-fresh cucumber and pear chilled soup is bursting with color and flavor. The raw pear adds crispness and acidity.   Source: Chelan Fresh Poached ice tea pears  [...]

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Women in Agriculture | Yesenia Cervantes


Many of the orchards in Chelan valley are a family affair, with women playing a critical role in running smooth operations and growing the business. In our blog series “Women in Agriculture” we sit down with them to discuss their roles and thoughts on the industry.  This month we checked in with Yesenia Cervantes at Borton Fruit in Yakima Washington. CF: Hi Yesenia, thank you for speaking with us today. YC: You are welcome, glad to help. CF: Please tell us what your job duties are at Borton Fruit?  YC: I am a line supervisor at the warehouse in Yakima. That means that I make sure we [...]

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Meet the SugarBee® Grower Tour


On a cold wintry morning in December, a group of Chelan Fresh staff, Growers and a mascot set out on the inaugural “Meet the SugarBee® Grower” tour of the 2018 season. The idea was not only to promote SugarBee® apples but invite consumers to connect with Growers and learn what it takes to produce this special variety. We knew our Chelan Fresh staff could chat with anyone about apples, but we had no idea what would happen when you take 4thand 5th generation Growers out on the road to discuss farming. They are a passionate group of people who love to talk [...]

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Our best brunch recipes with apples, pears and cherries


Brunch is one of our favorite meals! It’s one of the only times you can easily mix savory and sweet, and there are no strict rules about what is an isn’t appropriate for eat. Brunch is also the opportunity to get friends and family around a table to eat and enjoy each other’s company without the pressure of hosting a sit-down dinner. Fruits like apples, pears and cherries can take pride of place at the brunch table or buffet. They are versatile, delicious, and healthy crowd-pleasers. What’s not to love? Here is some inspiration for the next brunch you host for [...]

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Cheese and wine pairings for KORU®, Rockit® and SugarBee® apples


When it comes to apples, cheese and wine, three is not a crowd! This playful trio offers a world of possibility and can be the star of your next get together.  All the varieties of apple, types of cheese, and choices of wine can make your head spin, so we’ve created a guide to help you pair cheese and wine with three of our favorite and most original apples: KORU®, SugarBee® and Rockit®. (And for a decadent double-dose of apple, add our KORU® Apple Chutney laced with deep balsamic flavor to elevate any cheese and apple tasting platter.) KORU® cheese and wine pairings (pictured above) KORU® apples are [...]

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How to make perfect apple pie, every time.


Apple pie has become a powerful symbol of Americanness that resonates within the hearts of millions. “American as apple pie” is actually quite fitting since, like the United States itself, the humble apple pie evolved from various immigrant roots and traditions. If you happen to be in Washington apple country in July, don’t miss the annual Apple Pie Jamboree in Pateros, Washington where you will be able to taste generations of apple pie traditions by the slice!  For many, apple pie was first tasted at the family table; the result of a delicious labor of love performed by a grandmother or other family member. There are [...]

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