It has been rumored if you have a good region to grow cherries, then you also have a good region for growing Honeycrisp apples. According to Domestic Sales Manager Daniel Gebbers, “Chelan Fresh still has consistent volumes of Honeycrisp apples ready to ship to retail customers all over the country”. “Our growing regions are some of the best in the industry with warm summer days and cool, crisp nights. These conditions allow our Honeycrisp to provide a quality eating experience and a true summer treat as consumers look for healthy on-the-go snack options to fuel their families”. 

Chelan Fresh continues to lead the industry in Honeycrisp production and they are prepared to keep this in-demand apple on your shelves. If your Honeycrisp apple supply has been inconsistent, contact our Chelan Fresh sales team to keep Honeycrisp top of mind and on display in your store throughout the summer. 509-682-4252.

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