Recipe by: Courtney Paige | @apaigeofpositivity


  • Broccoli – Instead of lettuce, we are using crunchy, fresh broccoli in this Waldorf Salad.
  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese – Sharp cheddar has the perfect salty and tangy bite that nicely contrasts the sweet apples in this salad.
  • Onion – Use red for a little bit more bitterness.
  • Rockit™ Apples – Rockit™ apples have just the right amount of tartness and just the right amount of sweetness. They’re so juicy too.
  • Greek Yogurt – Yogurt will be the base of our Waldorf Salad dressing. This lightens up a what could be a heavy, cream-based dressing and adds a bit of protein too.
  • Light Mayo – To thicken up the yogurt dressing a bit.
  • Salt & Parsley – Added to the dressing for a balance of flavors.


  1. First, we will chop our produce: If your broccoli isn’t already cut into florets, chop into bite size pieces. If you buy a pre-cut bag of broccoli, cut any larger pieces. The smaller the better with this salad! Finely dice the red onion. Dice Rockit™ apples.
  2. Then, add produce to a large mixing bowl along with cheddar cheese.
  3. For the dressing, in a smaller bowl combine greek yogurt, light mayo, salt, and parsley. Mix until combined.
  4. Add dressing to the large bowl and toss well until all broccoli florets are covered.
  5. Enjoy!

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