If you’re anything like us, you’re knee deep in Thanksgiving menu planning. Not sure what to make? Chelan Fresh is here to help! The holidays are a great time to surprise guests with new recipes that complement old family favorites. 

Apples and pears can be used in sweet and savory recipes, making them a versatile addition to your holiday meal.  We have selected 12 recipes that are guaranteed to wow your family and guests. 

Thanksgiving apple recipes 

SugarBee Stuffing

Holiday stuffing with apples 

Treat your turkey to our delicious holiday stuffing with apples and pecans! A fan favorite with children and adults alike. 

Source: Chelan Fresh 

Cranberry apple pie  

The fresh apple and cranberry combo makes this beautiful lattice pie a perfect finale to your Thanksgiving dinner. 

Source: Delish 

Maple-roasted cardamom-spiced apples and carrots 

Carrots and apples are roasted with heartwarming spices. An original holiday side dish to surprise and delight everyone! 

Source: Vanilla and Bean 

Stuffed Acorn

Stuffed acorn squash 

Have vegetarian guests? Serve them our acorn squash stuffed with wild rice and apples (make extra for everyone else – they’ll want a taste too!). 

Source: Chelan Fresh 

Apple bourbon pie 

Bourbon infused raisins, pecans, apple and multiple spices are the backbone of this rich crowd-pleasing pie. 

Source: Southern Living 

Sweet potatoes and apples 

The addition of apples takes this classic sweet potato side dish over the top! A simple-to-make showstopper. 

Source: Skinny Chef 

Thanksgiving pear recipes 

Baked Pumpkin Spice Pears

Baked pumpkin spice pears 

Pumpkin spice is the secret ingredient in our healthy and super simple baked pears. This recipe is easy to make for a crowd. 

Source: Chelan Fresh 

Upside down pear-cranberry tart 

This rustic tart showcases Fall’s beautiful colors. Dried cranberries offer a burst of flavor that complements the pears.  

Source: Cooking Channel 

Cranberry poached pears 

Pears are poached with fresh cranberries that impart a gorgeous red color. A simple and elegant holiday dessert. 

Source: Martha Stewart 

Crimson Pear Salad

Holiday crimson pear salad 

Our crisp and colorful holiday salad will brighten up any holiday table! A fresh complement to your Thanksgiving meal. 

Source: Chelan Fresh 

Gingersnap-pear cheesecake 

A crushed gingersnap crust is topped with gingery pears and a cream cheese filling. A decadent and surprising holiday dessert. 

Source: Real Simple 

Cranberry sauce with pears 

Give your cranberry sauce a twist by adding pears! The sauce has a fresh and bright flavor, not to mention a stunning crimson color.  

Source: Women’s Day

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