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Fruit-Filled Pancake Recipes for Lazy Summer Mornings


Somehow weekend mornings seem to get a little bit lazier on hot summer days. We might spend a little too much time sipping our coffee on the deck while the temperature slowly creeps up to scorching. And it’s always a good idea to whip up a batch of pancakes just so we can pile on the fresh summer fruit while it’s in season. After all, that’s what summer is about, so let’s enjoy the last few Sundays before we are winterizing our gardens and putting away our patio furniture. We compiled a few of our favorite fruit-filled pancake recipes so you [...]

Fruit-Filled Pancake Recipes for Lazy Summer Mornings2020-08-06T20:20:07+00:00

Sparkling Cherry Lemonade🍒


By: Annessa Chumbley R.D. Just what summer called for! The best summer fruit - cherries - mixed with the thirst-quencher of summer... lemonade. And you'll have a tall, refreshing "summer in a glass." INGREDIENTS 1 lemon, sliced 1 cup Chelan Fresh cherries 1/2-1 cup lemonade syrup (recipe below) 1 cup cherry juice 1 cups fresh water 2 cups sparkling water Lemonade Syrup  1 cup water 1 cup sweetener (turbinado sugar) zest and juice of 4 lemons METHOD To make lemonade syrup, in a small saucepan, bring water and sweetener to a boil while stirring. Remove from heat and stir in lemon [...]

Sparkling Cherry Lemonade🍒2020-07-22T18:41:18+00:00

Cherry Chocolate Almond Ice Cream


Recipe by Parker Wallace  www.ParkersPlate.com Washington Cherries are in season right now and they are the sweetest, most iconic summer fruit! They’re also incredibly versatile, whether you soak them in bourbon, fold them into salsa, or make them the star of a decadent dessert recipe! I partnered with Chelan Fresh Cherries to create this creamy, dreamy ice cream that literally only has 6 ingredients. Unlike the maraschino cherries topped onto my Colossal sundae, these fresh Washington cherries are a nutrition powerhouse. They have 3 grams of fiber in every serving as well as Vitamin C, potassium, B vitamins, magnesium and copper. The hardest [...]

Cherry Chocolate Almond Ice Cream2020-07-20T17:31:11+00:00

Women in Agriculture – Reba Guzman


Many of the orchards in the Chelan valley are a family affair, with women playing a critical role in running smooth operations and growing the business. In our blog series “Women in Agriculture” we sit down with them to discuss their roles and thoughts on the industry. This month we checked in with Reba Guzman with Gebbers Farms in Brewster, Washington. CF: Hello, Reba; thank you for taking the time to chat with us!  Why don’t you start with telling us what you do at Gebbers Farms today? RG: Right now I am working with my cousin down at our sales [...]

Women in Agriculture – Reba Guzman2020-07-14T17:26:33+00:00

How to Eat Cherries All Year Long


Cherry season is but a blip of time in the summer, here and gone before we know it. But, that doesn't mean you have to go without these sweet little jewels for the rest of the year. Check out our tips on how to freeze your cherry haul to enjoy in the dead of winter. And, now is the perfect time grab some Chelan Fresh cherries so stock up and freeze up before they are gone again in a flash! For some inspiration on how to use your frozen cherries, we have included a few of our favorites: Cherry Chocolate Banana [...]

How to Eat Cherries All Year Long2020-07-09T22:55:46+00:00

Summer Corn and Cherry Salad


Created by: Meg Raines Created for: Chelan Fresh The color of this salad alone says summer, thanks to our neon bright Orondo Ruby® cherries! Serve this salad with barbecued chicken or ribs for a festive outdoor feast. We also recommend adding diced avocado or grilled zucchini to change up the flavors so you can make this salad all summer long. YIELD: 4 servings INGREDIENTS  1/2 cup thinly sliced red onion 1/3 cup white wine vinegar  1/3 cup sugar 3 tablespoons olive oil  1 tablespoon fresh lime juice 1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard 3 ears of corn, cooked  2 cups pitted and chopped Orondo Ruby [...]

Summer Corn and Cherry Salad2020-07-07T20:25:54+00:00

Grilled Halloumi and Stone Fruit Salad


Created by: Meg Raines Created for: Chelan Fresh This salad has it all in terms of flavor and texture contrast. Sweet Rainier cherries, tangy apricots, salty cheese and spicy greens come together to make this perfect summer salad! The dressing adds a nice sweet-tart accent to the salad as well with a combination of white balsamic vinegar, honey and Dijon mustard. Serve this salad on its own for lunch or alongside grilled chicken or steak for dinner on the patio. YIELD: 4-6 servings INGREDIENTS  Dressing 2 teaspoons honey  2 teaspoons Dijon mustard 1/4 cup white balsamic vinegar (or substitute white wine vinegar) 1/4 [...]

Grilled Halloumi and Stone Fruit Salad2020-07-07T16:51:27+00:00

15 Delicious Healthy Cherry Recipes for Summer and Beyond


Content written by: Hungry Hobby Packed with succulent ripe, juicy cherries, these dazzling, healthy cherry recipes are a must-try for this summer and beyond! Hi, friends! If you’ve been following along this year, you know I’ve published several produce guides for each month of the year to help educate myself about what is in season in my region when. That’s why I’m so excited about partnering with my friends at Chelan Fresh this summer for the cherry season! I’ve got a series of fun new recipes and the latest research about the health benefits of cherries, including coming to you this [...]

15 Delicious Healthy Cherry Recipes for Summer and Beyond2020-06-24T19:16:07+00:00

KORU® and Herbed Goat Cheese Stack


Created by: Meg Raines Created for: Chelan Fresh KORU® apples are crisp, sweet and juicy with complex aromatic honey flavors, which pairs perfectly with salty cheeses like feta, goat cheese, pecorino or Parmesan. This apple and herbed goat cheese stack contrasts the sweet snap of raw KORU® with the soft creaminess of the cheese. This simple starter can kick off a fancy dinner party and is sure to impress your guests. Don’t skip placing the apples in lemon water or you’ll end up with brown apple slices. (Read our blog post about why apples turn brown and how to stop it) YIELD: 4 [...]

KORU® and Herbed Goat Cheese Stack2020-06-22T19:27:23+00:00

Cooking Class: How to Roast Orchard Fruit


Summer fruits are bursting with sweet juiciness when they are at their ripest, which makes them best eaten fresh off the tree and tossed into our favorite salads. But we so often forget about roasting our fruit like we would our vegetables. Roasting fruits such as cherries, pears and even apples intensifies the flavors by concentrating their juices and caramelizing the natural sugars. Once roasted, we can use our fruit in both savory and sweet dishes to showcase it at it’s peak, and show off our culinary prowess as well. Here is a quick guide on how to roast cherries, apples [...]

Cooking Class: How to Roast Orchard Fruit2020-06-16T23:17:46+00:00
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