Promotable Volumes of Cherries

Every year in August we wait to see what bounties Mother Nature has to offer us here in the mountains and valleys of Central Washington.

This year, large promotable volumes of Cherries are available in August. Our late season cherry crop is peaking on larger, dark burgundy colored fruit that is perfect for consumers enjoying the last few weeks of summer travel, picnics and BBQ’s. Our cherry bags and clam labels give consumers creative ideas for using cherries in pies, smoothies or even freezing cherries to snack on later this fall. Our website offers information on the benefits of eating cherries as well as numerous recipes for baking and even cooking with cherries. Don’t miss the opportunity to cash in on the consumer favorite late season cherries and give them center stage in your produce department. Contact your Chelan Fresh Sales rep to talk about cherries or coming soon – Bartlett pears and early season Galas.

Chelan Fresh Increases Organic Manifest

columbia_valley_fruit_logo-218979-edited.jpgColumbia Valley Fruit will join forces with Chelan Fresh beginning September 1st  and with that move comes exciting developments for our Cascade Crest Organics label. With the addition of Columbia Valley Fruit, the organic offering to retailers doubles out of the starting gate.  According to Marketing Director Mac Riggan, “We are excited to have CVF join us this fall. The fruit they add to our manifest on the organic side gives us significant volumes of in-demand varieties such as the sport Fuji and Gala varieties and Honeycrisp. The quality of their growing and packing operations is also a huge benefit as retailers can be assured they will still get the high quality fruit that Cascade Crest has come to be known for.”

Columbia Valley Fruit works with progressive farmers Cascade Crest Labelin Washington to grow, store and pack high demand organic and conventional apple varieties. With the company’s support, many of these farmers use modern orchard systems that increase harvest volumes of the highest quality apples per acre.

Chelan Fresh and the Cascade Crest Organics label look forward to having Columbia Valley Fruit as part of our family of outstanding growers and shippers. Contact your Chelan Fresh Sales representative to ask about increased organic production.

Meet the Grower

Chelan Fresh is proud to represent the growers of Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan counties in Washington State. Each month we will introduce them to you in our “Meet the Grower” series. Check in regularly with our blog – To the Core – to find out what’s happening in the orchards that produce some of Washington’s Finest Mountain Grown Fruit.

This month we are talking with Herald Peebles of Chelan, Washington. Visit our blog post to read more.
Harold Peebles.jpg

Employee Spotlight

Drew Belton.jpeg

Name: Drew Belton

Position: Production Specialist

Favorite Apple: My go to is a good old fashioned Fuji, but the SugarBee™ is a close second. They are both sweet and crunchy and they are hard to beat right off the tree. I almost always know what I’m going to get with the Fuji, but it seems like the more the SugarBee™ gets into production, the better they get.

Favorite Cherry: Orondo Ruby™. They are the perfect combination of sweet and tart, and I love that they are grown exclusively in our area.

Favorite part of working at Chelan Fresh: There are a number of things. The environment in the office is great. We have a pretty diverse group of people and we know how to have a good time both at and outside of work. Some of my best friends are the people I work with. Management does a tremendous job letting employees have time to explore other passions like farming, coaching or other business endeavors. Working in Lake Chelan isn’t too bad either. Especially when we have the option to jump in the lake during lunch breaks in the summer time.

Favorite thing to do outside of work: Spending time with my family is #1. My wife and I have a 19 month old daughter who we have an absolute blast with, and are expecting baby number two in November. We purchased somewhat of a fixer upper a couple years ago so a lot of our free time is spent working on our house, but when we get the chance to sneak away we try to do some traveling, visit family/friends and spend time outdoors. We live in a beautiful area so we try to take advantage of it when we can. I also coach high school football and I’m a volunteer coach at Chelan Valley CrossFit.

Category Opportunities

June cherry numbers are in! The momentum from California’s “heritage” crop delivered positive Year Over Year growth for the first week of the month – fruit quality was outstanding and retail pricing stayed strong. But, the delayed start of the Northwest crop vs. last year resulted in a gap for the balance of the month.

Good news, this is a much longer season than last year, so there is still plenty of time and fruit available to cover these early losses.
Would you like to know more? Contact your Chelan Fresh Sales Representative and work with our Category Management team to customize the data to meet your market needs. We will partner with you to drive the most cherries, apples and pears as possible through the register. Let us know when you are ready to dive in!

Click the image below to download the file.

Category Opportunities

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