Every country across the globe has a baked apple pastry of some sort: apple strudel, apple galettes, turnovers, tarts, and the list goes on. Many of our traditional desserts of North America are versions of these pastries brought over from European settlers. But, no matter what you call it, you can’t go wrong with baking sweet apples in a flaky tender crust. Today, we are taking a look at a few of the different ways to enjoy the wonders of apple pastry, starting with the most traditional, of course!

1) Grandma’s Classic Apple Pie (pictured above)

It’s the most classic of all apple pie versions, made with cinnamon-dusted apples in a flaky butter crust. Eat it with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese if you grew up in the northern states, or a dollop of whipped cream or ice cream if you are from the Midwest.

2) Fried Apple Hand Pies

These little fried pies originated in the southern states of the US in the 1700’s. Deep frying the pies gives the crust a nice crunch while enhancing the flakiness. You will want to make sure you have a napkin handy when you eat these little treats!

3) Dutch Apple Pie

Originating from the French settlers in Pennsylvania, this version of apple pie is topped with a thick layer of crunchy buttery streusel instead of the traditional pie dough.

4) Lucy™Glo and Lucy™Rose Galette

A galette is a rustic, free-form pie filled with seasonal fruit that is popular in French cuisine. This version of a fruit pie is the simplest to make and the most forgiving since it is formed by hand.

Rockit Dumplings

5) Mini Apple Dumplings

Apple dumplings are another traditional way to enjoy baked apples in pastry. As with many of our traditional desserts, this version of apple pie originated from European settlers but remains a family favorite in kitchens across America.

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